Monday, 22 January 2018

9/11 Breakthrough Energy Technology | Dr Judy Wood


Title: Evidence of breakthrough energy technology on 9/11

GlobalBEM 2012

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Big Mother Loves You .. She Really Really Loves You!

Big Mother loves you .. she really really fucking loves you .. 'communitarianism' is smotheringly transforming 'the new economy' .. & your kibbutzism participation is welcome lovebots.. 'communitarianism..' .. not capitalism, not communism; the rad middle.
[govt funded like fuck]

When the mayor gets on board you know its worth examining closely... opt out from the comm agenda.

JF Wants More Evolved Free Slaves �� AndyWarski Live Vegan Gains Debate A...

Xurious - The Forest Of Aiyanar

nemophilist (n.) a haunter of the woods, one who loves the forest and its beauty and solitude. pronunciation / ne-mo-fe-list / english / origin: greek

Artist Chris Katko USA - NWO Cartoons Twitter

Find more of Chris Katko's at his website  or on his Twitter*...

*"Independent political cartoonist/illustrator/labor worker. Original artwork for sale, and I'm available for commissioned artwork and caricature."

 thank you Chris.. happy to support and promote your work.. fantastic... much appreciated.**

**Check out his Twitter art feed .. my newest favourite is mama Merkel the destroyer of Germany ..

Friday, 19 January 2018

#PsyOp Recovery Programme 2018 Dr. Judy Wood

Catching up with Dr. Judy Wood in January 2018 .. click link for ---> interview here

Dr. Judy Wood: " .. let me simplify that the buildings mostly turned to dust in mid air ... the buildings didn't burn up nor did they slam to the ground .. that's evidence that technology exists that can do that." - author of "Where Did The Towers Go?"

Nelson Skalbania - Being an Entrepreneur -- 2003

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Charlie Pride Has Enough Of Whoopi Goldberg’s Race-Baiting On Live TV(VI...

Peter Sutherland's Migration Legacy Punctured: In-Depth Look At Father of Globalisation

Professor Judith Curry Quits over Climate "Craziness"

Prof. Duchesne - Why And When Did Western Nations Decide To Become Multiracial...

Professor Duchesne teaches sociology and world history at The University of New Brunswick, Saint John, Canada. He is the author of The Uniqueness of Western Civilization, a product of 10 years research, released in February 2011. His book, Faustian Man in an Age of Multiculturalism, a study of the importance of race in the historical identification of Western civilization from prehistoric to contemporary times, has just been published by Arktos. He is now working on the the way Canadian history has been falsely rewritten as a nation created by diverse races to meet the current requirements of multiculturalism. He is also examining the Alt Right position on the historical legacy of Western Civilization in light of the suicidal path this civilization has currently taken.

Latest book is "Canada in Decay" from Black House Publishing UK at link here 

Red Ice Radio - Tim Ball - Pt 2 - Climategate & Global Warming Fraud

Red Ice Radio - Tim Ball - Pt 3 - Climategate & Global Warming Fraud

Red Ice Radio - Tim Ball - Pt 1 - Climategate

Oil Sands Strong feat. Trevor Marr, Tim Moen, Ezra Levant, Tim Ball, Alex Epstein

Great Demo on Fibonacci Sequence Spirals in Nature - The Golden Ratio

BREAKING: HUNDREDS of Twitter Employees Paid to View "Everything You Post

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Female Police Officer Brutally Attacked by Immigrants in France

Red Ice TV #boycott CBC

Senator Lynn Beyak - Ottawa Canada - Free Speech

From Senator Lynn Beyak's website this week......

Free Speech

I have deep roots and years of experience with Indigenous people, through my own close family ties to their communities and decades of research on the truths of citizenship and inequality.

My quests for a wiser use of tax dollars, and a more hopeful life for Canada's Indigenous people, are often taken out of context or deliberately misconstrued to protect the status quo, or to create a negative story.

In February 2017 the CBC published an article on the policing of "fake news”, not my term, but CBC's own. If "fake news" as referenced by the CBC, continues unchecked, free speech is in jeopardy in our great nation. In the past months there have been several key examples of stifled or maligned debate,  including Toronto Professor Jordan Peterson, McGill's Andrew Potter, Broken Pencil's Hal Niedzviecki, and teacher Lindsay Shepherd, to name only a few.

We must be able to have truthful dialogue on all sides of important issues.

Fortunately, most grass roots Canadians are intelligent and well informed, based on their own research. Their opinions, Indigenous and non-Indigenous alike, once again flooded into my office, supporting suggestions for a new course of action and asking when serious discussions could begin, for individual negotiations and for fair settlement proposals.
Many correspondents asked "what is reconciliation”? Is it endless years of negotiations, arguments, apologies and settlements, is it moving forward together for a better future or is it something else? Canadians recognize that what we are doing for Indigenous people is simply not working. There needs to be a way of making an investment at the grass roots level into the lives of the people where the challenges exist. With billions of taxpayer dollars involved, we need a solution to share them more equitably and effectively, with vision and cooperation from all sides
Together we can find answers. It is time for a “fresh start” for all Canadians on this important issue.

Jason Verbelli Blog: Magnetic Field of Dreams Presentation

Jason Verbelli Blog: Magnetic Field of Dreams Presentation: In 2016, I gave a 90 minute presentation for the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement called "Our Inevitable and Limitless Future - A ...

Twitter Engineers To "Ban a Way of Talking" Through "Shadow Banned"

Mercury Poisoned Dental Assistant, Karen Burns Tells Her Story

What happened to the humanities? Free Bird Media