Thursday, 19 April 2018

The Long March Through the Institutions

Social Justice Warriors and politically-correct zealots have co-opted higher education and injected it with their own cultural Marxist narrative. Objective inquiry and free speech are a thing of the past on modern campuses. 

The late Jonathan Bowden, UK .. you can find him on youtube

Prof who chased Charlottesville driver with gun attacks camera man

Dwayne Dixon, professor and lecturer and "Redneck Revolt" agitator won't answer.

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Canada Has No Border

Justin Trudeau #FAILS - 400 people illegally cross the border per day

Why does Canada ignore South Africa ???

Dr. Patrick Moore - Agriculture, Human Health, and Environment

Follow Patrick Moore on Twitter... I do.. @ this link

The unbearable destructiveness of 'divest' movements across Canada

Perhaps its academians that are becoming a thing of the past Prof. Walters?

There is no evidence to suggest that climate science is settled. None.

The notion that we need to 'get off fossil fuels' is simply absurd.
Wellness and health and prosperity are important to all.

We should be supporting ethical Canadian industries.. not attacking them.

Fossil fuels have - in truth - improved the lives of millions on the planet earth.
Are students being taught to attack Canadian industry on our campuses? I think so.

Students who support 'divest' movement and protest and demand the end of the use of fossil fuels are completely lost in my opinion... its a tragic miseducation..

Its a good idea to give students information that will benefit them.. not dumb them down.. we don't need unenlightened, angry students being produced in fact we need intelligent, critical thinking and motivated young minds to work with creation and improve humanity and we're not getting that from our current campuses. 

MOMMIE - Sophia's Correction - John Lamb Lash - Mandela Effect Decoded [youtube]

Latest episode "MOMMIE" ... at this link

and John notes..... "Yes, and that was a major Mandela Effect, remember. They will come = the devotees of Her Dreaming. And HE will also come = Thelete, the divine consort. Watching jupiter move through the constellations, you learn to follow the large-scale trends of Correction. Try and see if you can observe jupiter some evening. Use to locate it at your locale and determine the time of viewing. Once you set eyes on jupiter, you lock into the entrainment of Thelete, "The Intentional". "

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

To je potrebno: ljudje, veliko število ljudi! Rick Simpson and his wife Daniela

Trudeau 2.0 and The Donald

Hey kids.. did you notice that Donald Trump hasn't visited with Trudeau here in Canada yet? Odd huh? I wonder if they'll be at the Royal Wedding in England together this year... those are the thingies I think about .. sometimes..

The Jews: God's Ancient Enemy - Haast's Awakening youtuber, banned from Twitter

Photograph taken at a NB Museum a few years ago ..

Viktor Orban responds to the UN plot to destroy Western nations

Viktor Orban was just re-elected for his third term as leader of Hungary.. his family consists of a wife and five children, he is a Christian and he is a staunch opponent of communism and 'the meddlers' that seek to undermine nation states.

Introducing MOMMIE - Orientation to the Superlearning Event and Sophia's Correction

Wireless Power For All Conference - New Energy Movement

The Tesla Science Foundation

Nikola Tesla Conference:
Wireless and Power for All - Serbian Tesla Laboratory Announcement

Join New Energy Movement and ten million enthusiasts for the world’s largest Tesla Conference in history including announcements on the openings of a Tesla Laboratory in Serbia.

January 8th 2017 11am-6pm
Crystal room, Wyndham New Yorker Hotel
481 8th Ave, New York, NY 10001

Join Tesla enthusiasts globally, members of the Tesla Science Foundation USA and Chapter Serbia for a special announcement on the developments of a functional replica of Nikola Tesla’s 1899 Laboratory formerly located in Colorado Springs, Colorado. This development is in coordination and will set to be built by The Republic of Serbia.

This world leading Tesla laboratory will perform experiments from original Tesla documents and the goal is to complete the research and developments of Tesla’s work and vision of free electric providing wireless power and communications for all.

Nikola Tesla once said that energy is a gift from God and no one has special right to it. Solving the energy crisis can provide peace.

This conference will include presentations from partners, scientists, inventors, artists, musicians leading the new energy movement. Presentations topics include the transmission of wireless electric energy, free energy projects, educational programs through art and technology and other programs around the world based on ideas, inventions and ideology of Nikola Tesla.

Preliminary program:
11:00am Registration

11:00am Registration
12pm - Opening statements
- Nikola Lonchar, President, The Tesla Science Foundation
- Mirjana Zivkovic, General consul, Republic of Serbia
- Zvezdana Stojanovic Scott - Tesla Science Foundation Report 2016/17
Live stream, Belgrade, Serbia, University of Law

Presenters include:
Ashley Redfearn • Olivia Paranos • Philip Baldwin • Nikola Lonchar • Harry Oung • David Pokrajac • Guy Obolensky • Mirjana Zivkovic • Milan Bandic • Dragica Mihajlovic • Robert Cohen, Susan A. Manewich • (Susan A. Kornacki) • Devin Klender • Nicholas A. Baio • Mano Divina • Ashley Readfern • Anamarija Stepanovic

- Hary Oung, From Single-Wire-Resonance to The-True-Wireless”

- Susan A. Manewich (Susan A. Kornacki), Tesla and Colorado Springs Colorado Springs with Jagodina, Serbia

- Dr. James F. Corum and Kenneth L. Corum, Colorado springs- Wireless Transmission and Tesla

- David Pokrajac, “Methodology of discovery in science and technology”

1:30pm-1:45 Coffee Break
- Philip Baldwin, Integrating Arts and Sciences: STEM to STEAM in 360. Using the Tesla sites as social media vr.

- Ashley Redfearn, Tesla and school assembly classes

- Brian Yetzer, New educational technologies -Augmented reality

- Nikola Lonchar, New energies and global problems

- Milan Bandic, the Mayor of the city of Zagreb and Dragica Mihajlovic president of the Tesla - Genius for the Future organization present their work in Tesla field

3pm-4pm Break
- Robert Cohen "Connecting Tesla to All Ages" by Robert I. Sutherland-Cohen, author of the book: Tesla For Beginners
- Susan A. Kornacki (Susan A. Kornacki), New Energy Movement - “Resonant Leadership in Transitioning to New Emerging Global Technologies” , and a special introduction to Guy Obolensky’s work from Devin Klender.
- Nicholas A. Baio, CBH Global Development and Design - “Tesla Innovation Center for Hydro Power”
- Mano Divina: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

5pm-6pm Tesla Spirit Awards:
- Dragica Mihajlovic, President, Tesla - Genius for the Future organization
and Milan Bandic Mayor of the City of Zagreb, Croatia
- Anamarija Stepanovic (Nikola Tesla School, Washington DC)
- Nikola Tesla School, Jagodina, Serbia
- Mano Divina World premiere video Theremin and Musical Coil
- Carson Kieman Tesla Opera to be confirmed

Schedule may be subject to change.

- Consulate General of the Republic of Serbia in New York
- Andric Company

Live streaming by: Kevin Wood
Facebook support, web: Milica Savic
Poster: 360° and New Energy Movement

The Tesla Science Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the life, legacy and scientific innovations of Nikola Tesla. Having successfully hosted numerous lectures, seminars, forums - to include the annual Energy Independence Conference and ongoing Tesla Conferences.Through the dedicated efforts of the volunteers and generous support from the contributors, The Tesla Science Foundation network of distinguished scientists, engineers, academics, artists, students and other Tesla enthusiasts worldwide. Visionary and scientist Nikola Tesla is included in the UNESCO Memory of the World register. Tesla Science Foundation has several chapters around the world, including the most active ones in Philadelphia and Belgrade, Serbia.

Tickets are $45.00 +fees.


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#FreeEnergy #Global #Power #For #All #Wireless#Communications #Earth #Tesla #Nikola#Bioelectric
#Emerngence #Chaorde #Phi #Fractal#SubtleEnergy
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#GLobalFamily #Connection #TheTeslaScienceFoundation
#Share #Viral #Now #Today #10Million #Earth

For more on the New Energy Movement check this Facebook page link here

Because science is really exciting stuff....

Standing in solidarity for indigenous and non-indigenous - with thanks Amanda Reid Rogers

Sakolikapuwicik - Standing Strong Ones, those who stand up against racism and the negative actions that feed it. When those who want to hurt are ignored, those who hurt will heal! (Elder Imelda Perley)

My spirit is with those at the gathering in Fredericton tonight. Thank-you Natalie Sappier for encouraging us to have our own round dance in solidarity. Koselmol ❤️ #healing #love #unity #antiracism #decolonize #rounddance #Indigenous #Wabanaki #UNB

Video link here

There's certainly a lot happening with "JEDI" .. a lot of funding for 'indigenous'

Also, more on Pow Wow season 2018 info here..

The Science Behind The Rise and Fall of Civilizations: Biohistory w/ Jim Penman

Twin Opposing Vortexes and Misconceptions of Space - Jason Verbelli,

J E D I .... indigenous students ONLY

This year MEOPAR will be holding it's Annual Training Meeting and Annual Scientific Meeting at the Halifax Convention Centre, June 12-15th, 2018.
The Marine Environmental Observation, Prediction and Response Network (MEOPAR) funds research, trains students, mobilizes knowledge and communicates results in the areas of marine risk and resilience. They are inviting Indigenous students with an interest in marine research to participate in our Annual Training and Scientific Meetings.

J E D I - Joint Economic Development Initiative [government funded .. New Brunswick]

"The Baron" UNB - controversy 2018 - reproduced article from Morgan Hamilton

Written by Morgan Hamilton , published on 

Hamilton: UNBF Controversy Reveals Campus Speech issues

On Tuesday, January 16th the Brunswickan reported the findings of the above posters around the UNB Fredericton campus. The posters which first appeared to be distributed anonymously were credited to the National Socialist Canadian Labour Revival Party (NSCLRP) after an email was sent to the editor of theBrunswickan by an unnamed representative claiming leadership of the organization and taking responsibility for the distribution of the posters.
An investigation by the Brunswickan into the NSCLRP revealed its emergence on social media in late August 2017 and provided that the organization has since gained a small following by way of Facebook and a corresponding blog. By posting these flyers, the NSCLRP made a strong political standpoint opposing many left wing ideologies which has left several scholars and students outraged.
The poster implores it`s audience to “reject the anti-white narrative being pushed in media and academia” this message is further emphasized by the request to reconsider the historical implications of the residential schools as well as making the claim that “Overwhelmingly, Native Americans are beneficiaries and not victims of the society built by Europeans”. The poster then goes on to say that an unspecified enemy of Canada wishes to “divide and conquer” the region and calls on the unison of Native Americans and Europeans against a foreign threat. It becomes difficult to decipher the intended message of the poster as it covers a varying degree of highly controversial subjects but the last line “…the threat posed by the foreign invasion of our lands” is directly opposing mass immigration in Canada.
The posters, labeled as being white supremacist, quickly incited controversy on campus social media, with students and the public asking the university to take immediate action. UNBF Campus Security began an investigation and the Fredericton Police force has also become involved. These posters were condemned instantly by the university due to the intolerance of hate speech on campus. The intended message of this poster was veiled by an indirect title (the opposition of mass immigration and the defense of the portrayal of European heritage in universities are separate issues), and a left wing rant opposing the historical perspective of residential schools and questioning their overall impact was regarded as extremely inappropriate and offensive. The poster calls for the unison of the “Europeans and Native Americans” to come together as Canadians against mass immigration.
There are many issues with the way this party has chosen to present their unpopular underdeveloped opposition here but the argument can certainly be made that the posters do not directly contain hate speech, nor are they distinctly exhibiting racism here. A more obvious display of hate speech took place in the response to these posters with presumptuous name-calling and labels being distributed carelessly and without penalty. Whether or not you agree or disagree with the ideas presented by this group of individuals, the reaction to them seems extreme, problematic and oppressive.  All viewpoints need to be held to an academic standard, especially in a university setting, and if this poster was deemed unsuitable in supporting this viewpoint than it needs to be condemned on the grounds that the argument being made was not effectively communicated, researched, or proven.
There is a very big difference (but a very thin line) between the rejection of an idea and the suppression of one. Identifying a double standard in academia is extremely important. Allowing hate to come from one side of a political spectrum is not okay. Hate speech in any argument is not ok and while the university may provide an echo-chamber of politically correct, scrubbed and censored ideas, the real world issues are not always black and white. Students must be empowered to make the decisions about what literature, ideological standpoints, and political propaganda they accept to consume. Conformity should never be based off of fear. We are here to for all of the information, we are here to be critical and debate the important issues.

Monday, 16 April 2018

“We memed alt-right into existence”: Richard Spencer Extended Interview [ removed from Facebook 2018 ]

Facebook has now removed '' and 'National Policy Institute' from their website.

Deplatforming has been common among 'altright' types..

Spencer is still on youtube and on Twitter with over 80K followers link here

Of note the National Policy Institute is a think-tank in the USA website is unaccessible to me . . . here is an interview with Spencer in 2016 Los Angeles Times

120db at Speakers Corner 15.4.18 London UK

Sunday, 15 April 2018

Community ... Community ... Community .. #oy vey

Community doesn't mean YOU .. read this link .. and understand what they are all about..

I think the more people know what is 'fucky' the better chance there is of resisting it.

And as Mother's Day approaches sharing this for mama/gramma Niki Raapana .. "Last night I started thinking about all the questions people ask me about communitarianism. I then decided to stimulate my archived brain storage with a mock interview with myself." [2010] link

Niki is co-founder of Alaska's "Hempfest" as well .. hemp would be a great green economy builder, eh?
I've yet to hear a single NGO funded non-governmental organization or group in this town promote it.

Andy Wakefield, MD

Students for Western Civilisation

Family. Folk. History. Tradition. Culture. We are Europeans.  [ Twitter ]

My advice for professors who feel the need to insult, demean, diminish, and slander the people of European ancestry in Canada is simple:  don't do it.

The race wars you are fomenting in academia are not going unnoticed.  Be wise. Use discernment.

Thanks George.

Immigration Watch Canada.... still watching...

We've never asked our politicians to promote mass immigration but they do it anyway.. they listen to think tanks and special interest groups and 'diversity builders' .. they don't listen to the taxpayers .. that much is obvious.. 🇨🇦

The White Demise

Daniel Friberg [ Arktos ] - The Last Days of the Lunatic Left

Who is "Lauren Southern"?

Last seen inserting herself in to England to hand out stupid insulting flyers...


I'm just not impressed.. Is she really so rich that she can just jetset all over the place to cause trouble? Failure. Epic failure. Beyond comprehension.
Of all the things one could do with their time who would ever spend a moment entertaining this sort of "activism" .. but I'm a mother .. I am unimpressed by this attention-grabbing shekkel-loving young Cdn & wonder why no one calls her out on this crap?