white history erasure

white history erasure

Monday, 23 September 2019

Colonize the Safe Space! SWCIV.com

PPC - Canadian Identity & Multi Culturalism with Maxime Bernier

The Ricardo Duchesne Collection : Canadian Classics


If you want to know what's good for you read Ricardo Duchesne; if you want a head shrinker with an overexposed media presence read Jordan Peterson.... your choice Canada... eh?

MASU - Mount Allison Students Union hosts Candidates for Beausejour Debate

Be there ..... or be square folks...

And, we are all sending healing white light and good wishes to our long time serving Liberal MP Dominic Leblanc who is unable to attend as he is recovering from treatment in Montreal https://warktimes.com/2019/09/20/veteran-liberal-mp-dominic-leblanc-unable-to-campaign-in-beausejour-after-cancer-surgery/

Weekend Warrior - Henrik Palmgren - Red Ice TV - Sweden & USA - indie media

New Weekend Warrior out now: Ep113 - Jordan Peterson in Rehab, Jewish Funds Sustain Migrant Influx, DHS Targets “White Supremacy” + much more. Fantastic show, don't miss it. Only at

Voting in Beausejour in 2019 -- Will The Green Technocrats Win This Riding?

The hip & super-connected, vocal, locally active 'social engineer' and 'climate hysteria activist' NGO Mum Laura is currently a "food director" and Laura wants your vote for Beausejour MP -- that will mean a big pay raise to $178K per year .. but is she worth it? Well, I don't think so.. she wants you to pay carbon tax just as Megan Mitton MLA Green Party advocates  #carbon tax is theft!

Why don't they advocate the hemp industry instead of taxation? Are they trying to help us or rob us?   Don't they know that http://plantsneedco2.org ? ... co2 is plant food.

Follow the great Patrick Moore.... https://twitter.com/EcoSenseNow

Beausejour is made up of about 82,000 people of which about 66,000 are eligible voters.  This will be an interesting election.  A candidates debate is scheduled at the university in October.  Who are Laura's political competitors?

Nancy Mercier with the People's Party of Canada, Maxime Bernier's new party.
Twitter https://twitter.com/arcadianancy

Dominic Leblanc long-standing Liberal MP
Twitter https://twitter.com/DLeBlancNB

Vince Cormier with the Conservative Party of Canada

So far there is no candidate for the NDP, nationalist.ca, National Citizens Alliance...

The technocracy push so hard in this region for a rural foothold and I think they feel New Brunswick is a very compliant and easy place to win seats .. we'll see....

Birds of a feather.... photo from Facebook..

Just not a fan of the 'green new deal' club promoting UN Agenda 2030?
Just can't vote for Laura's "Big Green" & "Green New Deal" ?
Me either.....

Laura is just one of the many well connected 'green agitators' that are now influencing the youth .. trying to sell us on the idea that they're a "grassroots" 'climate strike action' team of promoters/protestors.. but maybe the reality is that most people are sleeping and this riding could turn green!
Find out more at Laura's Twitter:  https://twitter.com/lauraatthereins
Laura's Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/Beausejour2019/?ref=py_c

The green cult runs deep here due to the university - a well funded well oiled machine known as Big Green Technocracy has a strong grip on the local political scene - they consider me a low-class, unimportant, troublemaker  .. most people seem not to care about the epic social engineering these minions get up to with their non-profits and NGOs ... but perhaps they should ...  these 'greens' are really beginning to do some damage to young impressionable children's minds and that is not a great measure of success to produce mentally unwell children like Greta Thunberg - the emotional trainwreck is abusive.. if your young one needs 'climate stress counselling' that is tragic!

the cult of Greta....

Green influencers promote the local 'social economy' .. they're the UN's helpful cabbal and they are networked, well supported by media and over exposed to the public so as to be normalized as being popular opinion when they are not the popular opinion.. they just make more noise and meddle the most in policy & affairs... they distort reality and project their paranoia onto the rest of us..

Sabine D. ran for Mayor & lost in 2012.
Sabine's pal Margo T-K also ran for Green MLA & lost in 2010.

"Big Green" have the backing and support of many in academia ..
so make no mistake on this that these technocrats know exactly what 
the 'agenda' is and they will stick to the script religiously .. relentlessly...
implementing " Climate Fear Week " is just one of their
more recent accomplishments around here with their NGO pals... 
these people make a lot of noise, generate a lot of hot air and 
are very disruptive to our collective peace and quiet.. 
turning an idyllic small town into something resembling a zombie cult..
Look how they promote taxation of Canadians!! Sickening!

If they weren't upsetting OUR children I wonder what they would do?

[photo credit to Bruce Wark, Warktimes.com]

If you have raised fearful and ignorant children I feel sorry for you..
but that is certainly your choice ..
the better approach is to raise children who think critically.

I know Laura.. sweet woman .. wife.. mum... neighbour.. bilingual... 'educated'. BUT Laura comes with a big list of 'to do' items & I wonder if she'll promote industrial hemp or the "unionization" of 'non profits' [something I have been hearing about].  Coming from an NGO background Laura knows little about entrepreneurship, business, and free enterprise -- not my kind of candidate at all.

I'm opposed to the Green party policies because they are the UN's Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals for Global Governance.  I read about Liz May years ago in Elaine Dewar's book "Cloak of Green" there's a copy at the library of Mount Allison University but it looks like I'm the only one who has read it in over 20 years.....  More on NGO Mum Laura.... and her extremist demands...

As for me ...

I will just continue to promote a really great concrete skatepark project for this region as I am passionate about youth well-being and recreational opportunities.

I will also continue to promote the truth about our ethical Canadian energy sectors... and that truth is that the world needs more Canada and we are awesome at resource development so our ethical Canadian oil & gas industries must be supported, promoted and advanced and not attacked by politicians and protestors.

Find out more at Canada Action website - be sure to say hello if you see me around town in my "Canada Action" tshirt.. eh?

Where’s the outrage from ? Canada is a leader in protecting human rights, freedom of speech, freedom of the press and equality.

Trav Patron, Nationalist.ca founder/leader - Election 2019 - Canada

Campaign billboards just went up in Estevan, Weyburn, and Carlyle! The CNP stands in support of FREE EXPRESSION. Party Leader is competing in the district of Souris - Moose Mountain.

Episode 3: E. Michael Jones explains his antiwar views

Catholics Against Militarism podcaster interviews Dr. E. Michael Jones - USA

Students for Western Civilisation #colonize the safe space


September CNP Update - Trav Patron - Nationalist.ca

Back on track! Nationalist.ca

Our Story! Nationalist.ca

A Wonderful World - Nationalist.ca

Radical Social Justice Agenda--Ricardo Duchesne

"White Canadians don't know what is awaiting them.. " - Ricardo Duchesne's books are as follows:

Uniqueness of Western Civilisation 2011, Brill, Faustian Man in a Multicultural Age 2017, Arktos and Canada in Decay: Mass Immigration Diversity & The Ethnocide of EuroCanadians 2017, Black House Publishing

Social Justice Is A Dumpster Full Of Penguin Classics

Sunday, 22 September 2019

Third World Migrant Populism: Open the Borders

Stephen Garvey, National Citizens Alliance opposes mass immigration.


Tantramar Landowners Canada : Vincent Cormier, Dominic Leblanc, Laura Reinsborough, Nancy Mercier - Election 2019

Tantramar Landowners Canada : Vincent Cormier, Dominic Leblanc, Laura Reinsborou...: Election day is October 21, 2019 Full back page advertisement for Laura Team Green in mta.ca student newspaper.. Get out and vote Beausejour...

THE HIDDEN KING OF ENGLAND, Greg Hallett, Indiegogo Crowd Funding Promo

Joseph Gregory Hallett's claim against the #flat lie royals http://kingof.uk

Indiegogo Crowd Funding Promo for Documentary, 21 July 2015

To make a Documentary Film on the 1850 Letter from Queen Victoria which states :
“Assemble him Claimant”.
Before she was crowned Queen, Princess Victoria married the second-in-line to the Throne on 9 March 1834 in Brittany.
Exactly seven (7) weeks later she gave birth to Prince Marcos Manoel in Carlisle Castle in the very north of England.
This was Victoria’s firstborn and only legitimate child.
Queen Victoria sent this letter to her first cousin King Dom Ferdinand II of Portugal.
It read :  “Assemble him Claimant”.
This is recorded in ‘THE HIDDEN KING OF ENGLAND – Arma Christi – Unveiling the Rose’ written over five years from 2010 to 2014.
We want to document this letter being tested, verifying the envelope Seal, the monogram on the letter, the J WHATMAN TURKEY MILL 1850 watermark, Queen Victoria’s handwriting, the text in familiar French and its content, and the DNA of Queen Victoria’s thumbprint in blood.
Here is the letter from Queen Victoria to her firstborn Prince Marcos Manoel, dated St Patrick’s Day, 17 March 1850 – 39 days before he turned 16.
Here is Queen Victoria’s thumbprint in blood.
Exactly 19½ years later, Queen Victoria made Prince Marcos Manoel ‘King John II of England’, and opened the Holborn Viaduct and Blackfriars Bridge on the same day – 6 October 1869.
Queen Victoria was then relegated to ‘Victoria Regina, Empress of India’ and built a porch in front of Roslyn Chapel (1869–71) to show that Marcos Manoel was now King John II of England, the True Blood Royal – the Sangrëal.
From the 6th of October St Bruno’s Day 1869, Marcos Manoel, King John II of England was the True Font of Titles.
This case, Notarised and Apostilled, has been presented to the Royal Courts of Justice who have ascertained and confirmed that they have little interest in hearing it.
Please contribute to this Documentary and bring Queen Victoria’s Letter and her firstborn son King John II of England to the forefront of public interest.
The Freedoms of the British Peoples is at stake.

David Icke Explains the Trigger & Endgame Book

David Icke - UK author speaks with Adam Green - Know More News USA about his new book ...


“The further a society drifts from the truth, the 

more it will hate those that speak it.” ― George 


Colonize the Safe Space!


Our History. Our World.

Hurricane Erin, NYC, 911, Dr. Judy Wood's Presentation - GLOBAL BEM 2012 Holland

Graphic from GLOBAL BEM - Holland 2012 presentation by Dr. Judy Wood
author of "Where Did The Towers Go?"  See Dr. Judy Wood's fantastic presentation at this link: https://vimeo.com/57923364

Dr. Judy Wood's book "Where Did The Towers Go?"

Media landscape of clown world news is absolutely saturated with distractions including a Toronto based university agent, multimillionaire, international headshrinker guru for the broken who just wants you to buy his advice, book, tshirts, etc. and take your pills. Your money, your choice... vote with your money!

Rick Mehta - SAFS.ca - Halifax Nova Scotia - Safe Space Culture Event

If you're in the Halifax area on Monday evening, check out the talk that doesn't want you to hear!

Saturday, 21 September 2019

UN Global Domination 30

Paul Laviolette at GlobalBEM 2019 | #open system universe #over unity


Conservatives.... who's smiling now? Vince Cormier for Beausejour

We're smiling & so is Vince for Beausejour - your candidate for the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada .. https://www.facebook.com/VincentCormierPC

Freedom of Expression Under Attack in Canadian University - UBC

A student-led group in BC at UBC attempting to push the ideas of freedom of expression and freedom of association and freedom of speech.. imagine that?

And an invitation to discuss ideas that aren't going away.. from Ricardo Duchesne, of eurocanadian.ca Council of European Canadians writes...

Hello Everyone,

I will be giving a talk, along with Mark Hecht, at UBC this October 9. I was set to do a debate with Irvin Sudin but he started raising too many conditions which the student organizers could not meet. So the talk will be with Hecht (his article on negative side of diversity was taken out of Vancouver Sun) . 

Announcing this talk has been delayed because UBC administration has been setting up one obstacle after another, but Students for Free Expression had enough, will push ahead with the talk come what may. I will let you know soon details of the talk. 

I am also happy to say that Canada in Decay continues to be a major best seller: https://www.amazon.ca/Canada-Decay-Immigration-Diversity-Euro-Canadians/dp/1912759985/ref=dp_ob_title_bk

Facebook.. UBC SFE https://www.facebook.com/UBCSFE/

UBC Board of Governors September 12th meeting:

Free Speech on campus in Canada 2019.

Maxime Bernier Declares The Death of Political Correctness in Canada, 2018

I hereby officially declare the death of political correctness in Canada. ********** Je déclare officiellement la mort de la rectitude politique au Canada.