Saturday, 18 January 2020

ideacity 2019 - Conrad Black - The Canadian Manifesto

thanks Moses and crew at "Ideacity" for the video...
thank God for Conrad's clarity.. Canadians need to hear his voice in the fog of the fake news landscape and demoralization that is taking place in this nation .. ..

Get your copy of "The Canadian Manifesto" .. it matters at this point in time a lot!

Kata List Productions - indie media downeast - censored!

Fledgling local "Kata List Productions" was suspended from Twitter and terminated from youtube last year as part of the big purge [of those speaking about white erasure programmes run in the West] by Big Tech and censorship hounds but at least we've still got and ..  good luck trying to silence everyone who isn't going along with this stupid global gulag plan and calling anyone who questions your bogus narrative a "white supremicist" is not going to work.. "Kata List Productions" video 'backed up' @ "Indie Media Eastcoast" on ..

We don't want to be 'replaced' by mass immigration programmes...... Read:

The Kata List Production account is not run by anyone who has ever been associated with Sappyfest. We were shocked to discover that it was representing itself as a promoter of Sappyfest. We have reported the account to twitter.
7:21 PM · Mar 3, 2019Twitter for iPhone

Dan Murray: Dissecting Canada's Failed Immigration System

Episode 1 - Multiculturalism, Decolonization, and Ethnocide

Daniel Friberg on his book "The Real Right Returns"

Daniel Friberg,


Indie Media Eastcoast Canada: Mount Allison Film Festival @ Vogue Cinema - Redux 2020

Indie Media Eastcoast Canada: Mount Allison Film Festival @ Vogue Cinema - Redux...: Submissions to Jeff at Vogue Cinema....

Transatlantic pact part IX: We're live - Sweden podcast

Nationalist Student Gets Pulled Out of Class - LIVE AUDIO - Episode 2

Students for Western Civilisation - Canada

Attention Students: J.D. Irving Is Hiring!

We're Hiring! We are forecasting over 6,800 Full Time Hires in Canada and the US between 2020 and 2022. Read the full release here: #HiringForecast #Careers #Opportunities
3:00 PM · Jan 6, 2020Percolate

Attended Unite The Right in Charlottesville - got banned from the USA.

Christoffer Dulny, editor in chief and president of Nordic Altright got banned together with Daniel Friberg, CEO of Arktos, for merely attending the rally in Charlottesville. They did not engage in violence and followed the instructions that were given by law enforcement.

You Have a Duty : Jared Taylor, American Renaissance

Conservatives are distracting from what we should worry about: Diversity means creating a social environment in which non-whites are promoted at expense of Whites.

Major crisis of History: Whites are becoming a minority.

Climate Hustlers - Stop Technocracy Shenanigans - Postering

.... we will do the postering so you don't have to .. you're welcome!
Share them on your social media.. don't be intimidated by bully profs.
Technocracy = UN Agenda 2030 - we'd like the opt out now please.

Saturday Morning Music with XURIOUS UK

"Infinite Saxon"at

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Thursday, 16 January 2020

Chopin - Nocturne op.9 No.2

Indie Media Eastcoast Canada: "Value of Alberta Conference" January 18, 2020 "Alberta Proud"

Indie Media Eastcoast Canada: "Value of Alberta Conference" January 18, 2020 "Al...: We are just days away from the Value of Alberta Conference at the Calgary Telus Convention Center -- the largest-ever conference..

King of UK - Joseph Gregory Hallett - All Predictions Fulfilled


Joseph Gregory Hallett's Claim Against Flat Lie Royals.

#UNExit for Canada... simple as .... eh? ... /\

Winnipeg Police on gun ban

More at

The Feminist Principle Within Liberal Socialism

A Very Important Announcement ~ Ronny Cameron - PGTV

Ronny Cameron's "Proper Gander TV" Canada ...

Bitchute channel:

The Two Popes | Official Trailer

Playing tonight at the Vogue Cinema "The Two Popes" brought to you by Thaddeus Holownia's "Sackville Film Society" .. come early, bring cash, bring a friend.. see you there fam!

Tantramar Landowners est. 2015: Who is Goran Adamson? Why Should You Care?

Tantramar Landowners est. 2015: Who is Goran Adamson? Why Should You Care?: Göran Adamson is an Associate Professor in Sociology, with a Ph.D. from the LSE. He is the author of 5 books, chiefly dealing with.....

Trav Patron - Canadian Nationalist - nationalist ca

Tantramar Skate Park Project 2020 - A Local Youth Endeavour....

Sorry but no Facebook page is available at this point.. censorship/deplatforming etc.  Promoting a great local youth project here since 2013.. with some help from friends and well meaning townsfolk.. the visiting students would benefit too...

Dream Big Tantramar!

"Native" Fred McDonald: Painter, Poet, CEO, Oilman

Video with thanks to Dennis at " The Dennis Report " in New Brunswick.

Dennis advised also about an "Indian Trust Fund"... have you heard before?
What would happen if Canadians ended race based law in 2020?


The Environment: A True Story