Jan 30, 2023

Session 7. The Acid and Alkaline Balance. Barbara O'Neill. HD

Session 13. Poultices and Their Applications. Barbara O'Neill. HD

Ripping some fresh memes....


Jordan Peterson & Lord Conrad Black | The History of Canadian Civil Liberties - The Democracy Fund

Introduction by Dr. Julie Ponesse 
who is a Canadian Mum and an ethics scholar who 
refused to take mandated covid19 jabbies; Julie has written a book 
"My Choice: The Ethical Case Against Covid19 Vaccine "
Follow Julie at 

Sunday Livestream 29 January 2023 - Life in the Mix - Lancashire England Podcaster

Meanwhile some of Canada's university grabblers are asking for $1 Billion..... for what?

Jan 29, 2023

We Bought An Abandoned Chateau, THEN & NOW, 2 YEAR Renovation (in 20 minutes)

"Julian is the best" says King John III Joseph Gregory Hallett


King John III is paying attention to Canada's culture, politics and Trudeau-induced angst.

What else does King John III say? At this link:

King John III Joseph Gregory Hallett Explains Paedo Masks to Dave Mahoney, 2020 (bitchute.com)

Read, share, be wise:

King John III on face masks as told to Dave Mahoney in 2020

Greg Hallett's advice: "Wearing a mask is identifying you as one of the 95% to be killed because you're identified as stupid and not reacting to save your own life; and also wearing a mask is dressing the same as the paedophiles dress when they're raping children; you know what I'm saying? Its so that the paedophiles feel at home surrounded by people in masks."

More at this link on the new ebooks available from Joseph Gregory Hallett King John III:

Indie Media Eastcoast: All New Ebooks For Sale from Joseph Gregory Hallett King John III @ the King's official website (indiemediaeastcoastcanada.blogspot.com)

Jan 28, 2023

Story 23: How to choose the perfect paint color (it's so hard sometimes!) : Little Boho Cottage - Hudson Valley NY State

Congratulations to Matt Rose and Staff at The Independant Grocery

 I slipped into the store for a few items just recently in the late evening to discover a big sexy 'new look' renovation transformation completed... BRAVO!

Andrew Black recently visited for a photo op and gathering too -- we are all very happy to see how great the store looks but the best part of the place is the staff -- they are incredibly hard-working, kind, friendly and fun-loving folks.  A top-notch crew!

We are lucky to have such a great business in the heart of the town ... we all love to bump into each other and socialize there and linger just a little longer because of the fellowship it brings with our small town culture of folks ... Everyone was put through a lot of 'hell' during the covid19 "Le Flu D'Etat" [as Greg Hallett puts it] -- and this place remains special for all of those lucky enough to call it home #Tantramarshire

If you're not on Facebook - like me - here's his update as the Mayor of Tantramar on the store...

"Myself, Councilor Goguen and Councilor Phinney had the privilege to attend the Grand Re-Opening of Rose's Independent this morning. The store looked fantastic as all the shelves were stocked extra full and everything was faced out perfectly for the big day. There were many people in attendance.....Legion members, staff and family, members of the Loblaws senior management and the District Manager for the Atlantic region and many well-wishers.

Matt Rose gave an amazing speech to kick things off, focusing on the historic past and the bright future for the store and its consistent presence as a food supplier and community partner in our Town. The building and the business have gone through many changes over the years but the value and relationship created for the people of Tantramar can not be understated.

I spoke briefly with the District Manager and was surprised and super proud to discover that the Sackville location was the pilot store to have the new format initiated and completed in the company. A huge success story for Matt Rose and his team at The Independent and I was so very happy that I could be there for it!!"

Thanks to those all working hard to feed the people of Tantramarshire!

Jan 27, 2023

www.stationair.fr A Big Drone

Desmond Cole and Erica Butler Discuss Stuff

Photography by Indie Media Eastcoast [haybales on sign photograph by Thaddeus Holownia]

 "Systemic racism" and "climate change hysteria" all in one podcast from the useful idiot on campus Erica Butler at CHMA FM.. [she's on hiatus from the "Halifax Examiner" and hopefully goes back there soon]

Desmond Cole comes to Mount A and brings some questions about how schools handle Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility » CHMA 106.9 FM (chmafm.com)

The blogger on campus that Erica Butler attempts to shame and mentions without naming is Rima Azar.. and here's her post on the b.s. narrative continually peddled on campus and which continues the 'divide and conquer' tactic [happens to work]:


Photography of art panels at Northern College Kirkland Lake Ontario by Indie Media Eastcoast

I don't mind calling Erica a propagandist and fear-mongerer when it comes to her 'yellow journalism', attempts at covid19/climate change hysterics and just her overall shabby, weak, biased reporting.

More on the other propaganda war being waged by reporters at CivilianIntelligenceNetwork.ca here:


Did Cameron Ortis share secrets that threatened Canada's Five Eyes allies, or did he uncover the keys to an international blackmail and influence operation that reaches the highest levels of government?

Watch David Hawkins' Discovery CSI Fridays on SubscribeStar and Patreon

Is Sackville New Brunswick a "compromised node"?  

Does Mount Allison University play a role? 

No doubt we won't hear about any of this from the CBC crowd.

View here:

Bowing to Quirinus : compromised nodes and cyber security in East Asia - UBC Library Open Collections

At this link on Bitchute's video platform:

Had Cameron Ortis Uncovered Illicit Trade In Child Abuse & Deadly Pathogens On Huawei's Belt & Roa.. (bitchute.com)

What information does Cameron Ortis have that has been seen to be so dangerous to Justin Trudeau?

Alleged RCMP spy Cameron Ortis ordered back to jail pending trial | CBC News

We need to find out.  Soon.

Opinion | Justin Trudeau was never properly vetted to be prime minister. Canada is paying the price. - The Washington Post

Opinion | Trudeau looks to make Canada gun-free at last - The Washington Post

The Internet and Asia-Pacific security: Old conflicts and new behaviour

  • C. OrtisP. Evans
  • Published 1 December 2003
  • Political Science
  • The Pacific Review
The positive uses of the Internet by civil society groups, research institutes, governments and other entities interested in promoting Asia-Pacific community building and cooperative security regimes have been studied and appreciated. The paper begins with a discussion of regional Internet diffusion patterns and the associated increase in Internet incidents. In the wake of 11 September 2001 and recent analysis of the 'dark side' of the Internet and networks, it then examines some of the destructive ways Internet technologies are being used by actors in the Asia-Pacific region. It provides examples from the patterns of Internet conflict involving a quadral relationship among four nodes, uncivil society, civil society, government and business as well as the pattern of conflict within each of the nodes. Finally, it looks at three topic areas - national security agendas, the making of security policy and the regional security dialogue process - that deserve further attention....

Comedy Night in Sackville at Yuk Yuks on February 11, 2023 at The Legion - $20 for Tickets

YUK YUK's Comedy night in Sackville NB.. 8pm - 9:30pm on Saturday, February 11, 2023

Yuk Yuks in Sackville NB | Facebook 

Jan 26, 2023

Mortgage renewals put homeowners in 'precarious position',

Designing The Most Important Part Of The Pub! - Lady Smith Manor Diaries - Dorchester New Brunswick

Committee of the Whole Meeting - January 23, 2023 - Town of Tantramar Corporate Theatre

Town of Tantramar Corporation currently found performing at Youtube's "Municipality of Tantramar" channel...

Josh Goguen, Councillor advises that he works for Moneris who he claims is owned by RBC.

No discussions on "Taxation is Theft" yet ... 

Councillor Michael Tower continues face muzzling... along with just a few others. 

Town Councillor Josh Goguen [shown above] is a new addition to the political scene here... he has a "private" Facebook gossip page online.... why? Isn't public gossiping more helpful Josh? Josh's Facebook is at this link:  Sackville NB Community Chatter | Facebook

Jon Eppel, show above, is the Town's engineer.. and explains the importance of using salt along with snow clearing apparatus.. and other things.

Rainy City Walking Tour in Amiens FRANCE Summer 2021 • Real Time Virtual...

Amiens France.. read a bit of its history here:

Why is a RAMSAR accreditation for Sackville [the only place in North America so far] so significant for technocracy peeps?  Its about urbanization and removing people from rural spaces... interestingly, Sackville isn't even a city... is it?  New tab (ramsar.org)

More here with Ron Kelly Spurles.. the zealot... and useful idiot... blabbing to Erica Butler:

Jan 25, 2023

The "Amazing" Online World of Andrew Black.... "Mayor" of the Town of Tantramar Corporation

 Updates from the man about town Andrew [who appears to be under the direct control of Dominic Leblanc MP for Beausejour]:

Andrew Black - Mayor of the Town of Tantramar | Facebook

Of note previous Mayor John Higham was also a minion for Dominic Leblanc MP; Higham's now working the healthcare game locally; Higham had immediately deleted his Facebook page upon being in elected in 2016... why?  Andrew Black credited John Higham as his helpful advisor in the election win-- God help us all!

Black is off to France all expenses paid in June because "Wetlands R Us" [maybe Kelly Spurles can carry Andrew's luggage - both are U.N. doggos]:

I've had two interviews over the last four days, one with CBC and one with Global news, on the issue of the Chignecto Isthmus project. The outreach from the two news organizations came to Tantramar because of Mayor Kogan from the Town of Amherst and Mayor Scott from Cumberland County being very vocal about the need for the Feds and the the two Provinces to commit and get started on the work right away. I couldn't agree more.
The Honorable Dominic Leblanc had mentioned to the Telegraph Journal recently that there was going to be an announcement made about the Chignecto Isthmus sometime in the early part of this year. What that is and what it will look like is unknown, but it is very promising news. What we haven't heard is word from the Provincial governments of NB and NS which is where I have made most of my comments. Making a commitment is a big step but once made the work can get underway. The study that was done about this strip of land projected 5-10 years for completion and the longer we wait for a commitment, the further that date gets pushed back.
I also focused on what a breach would do to our Town of Tantramar and our newly expanded borders. The loss of that connection to NS would be hugely detrimental to the people of this community and would impact our economy, our livelihood, critical health services and our natural and physical assets. Not to mention what would happen to our significant agricultural capacity if the Tantramar marsh and low-lying areas were inundated with salt water that would take a long time to recede. It would be devastating and something needs to be done sooner rather than later."

Challenged by a local elder here:

"Percy Best

The Chignecto Isthmus Project will totally make redundant any retention pond that the town has constructed, or is thinking of constructing. Once the new gates are installed at the mouth of the Tantramar River then Carters Brook, the Aulac River and all of the Tantramar River will become fresh water holding ponds and capable of holding way more water than any fresh storm water flooding threat that nature can throw at us. Drainage from our town will be continuous through culverts and open ditches and storm water will NEVER in the future be able to back up to give our town any flood threat. There will be NO aboiteaux structures, just open culverts until the fresh water gets to the new gates. Hopefully our town will not continue on with the $5 million flood mitigation project and will instead put this funding towards a proper sewage treatment facility. It will be necessary because our untreated sewage will be dumped into the rather dormant fresh water of the Tantramar which no longer has twice a day tides to dilute it and push it out to the Bay."

Would it really be the end of the world if New Brunswick and Nova Scotia were separated by sea?  Wouldn't they just decide to put in a sexy big bridge like the one to PEI?  Why worry so much about things that are in God's hands?
God's plan might just be to flood this entire area because of the virus of progressiveness it brings to the entire region through its over-funded bloated university campus culture.

Also, please attend to the project requested in the summer of 2013 by a group of youth skateboarders.  Skate parks are real. Thanks.
Blog here:  http://tantramarskateparkproject.blogspot.ca  ... I was forced to start a blog due to the censorship and the ongoing inactivity of the 'hired help' around here. #YouthLivesMatter

Make a point of not following along with what stupid people are doing... its unwise to side with the deathcult in 2023.  MP Liberal Dominic Leblanc has done untold damage to Canadians by demanding they must take multiple unsafe, untested, harmful injections for covid19... he has enriched the super rich class selling and profitting from "vaccines" and 'test kits'.... Bill Gates thanks you Dominic Leblanc - a very useful idiot - "Dom" now has a lot to answer for in the coming years for his fascist stance on bullying others in their personal medical choices... I would not want to be him - his credibility is shot. 
#VoteDomOut #Didn'tHaveToBeLikeThis

Jan 20, 2023

Shelly Hipson, Nova Scotia - Atlantic Underground Podcast


After two shots of Moderna experimental vaxx "gramma" died suddenly at 93 in 2021.

Never forget what they've done.  Ever.

The People Who Build .... The People Who Prosper ... And All Those Pesky Grifters

Grifter "Boudreau Ideas" appears now to be
unhappy with Twitter's new owner
and leaves us with this final protest tweet...
so as well as concerns about world
hunger he's seemingly too cheap to pay
for his Twitter fees? Hard to believe.

p.s. he's not really concerned about world hunger but its just the 'right thing to say' .. isn't it?
This beautiful home is provided to him 
to live in as President of Mount Allison U...

Must be a few spare bedrooms that would make fine rental accommodation for students here?

Housing:  an investment in security, safety, and beauty... I think the old-fashioned values still apply and should remain although some appear to think housing is just a trivial thing ... a waste of money... an unattainable goal... but is it?  Actually housing is a very important priority in the lives of people through the ages... a university student is very easily given many tens of thousands of dollars for a degree [in the form of a loan to be repaid with interest] but why isn't home-ownership an equally important goal?  People who rent homes are subject to very high rents with nothing to show for their money but they do not apply that same thinking to their education...   Why would anyone consider home-ownership a waste of money?  

These are some of the questions I ask when I think of how many, many thousands of dollars students pay to attend Mount Allison University with nothing to show at the conclusion of their 'studies'.  What do they really learn about real life and self-empowerment?  What advice would their comfortable academic mentors give them if they were honest:  'invest in yourself and a home first'?  Probably not... the business of academia is a very well fed beast... if only we fed the industries that house people as much gravy as we feed to the academic world... homelessness would end overnight.  Abundance is created but if the "Agenda" is scarcity and control it become increasingly difficult to prosper for many.

In reality, well-funded universities are just charities:

Colleges And Universities Are Just Registered Charities (bitchute.com)

Colleges And Universities As Registered Charities (Part II) (bitchute.com)

Josh Goguen, Town Councillor for the Town of Tantramar and returning Town Councillor Allison Butcher are both giving shout-outs to these awful minimized lifestyle dwellings called 'miniature housing' aka Tiny House Cult... at Alice Cotton's "Tantramar Affordable Housing Initiative" on Facebook... I would rather politicians focus less on social engineering of the public into accepting nannystate tiny housing and make themselves more useful and credible by not advocating for any lifestyle or housing option that they themselves are not willing to live in ..... otherwise, I see them as being phoney hypocrites and meddlers.. tiny homes are basically giving up; are you OK with living in a garden shed? Why? "Nannystate" housing is funded housing... if the government can fund these expensive tiny boxes for homes ask why?  "Tiny House Planned Communities" remind me of the kibbutz housing model -- very unappealling, very communal.