Oct 26, 2021

Life is Art ... Beauty is Everywhere ... The Government Are Not Your Friends


King John III Intel - Diana's Death - The Hallett Report 2015

2015 interview excerpt with Jim Fetzer https://jamesfetzer.org/ King John III website: http://kingjohnthethird.uk -- More at Youtube "Kingof.uk" Greg sites are all hacked as per usual. Hallett Report, World of Truth, Greg Hallett

Joseph Gregory Hallett - King John III - Commonlawcourt.com - unlocking a brighter future for all...

Simple As...


Nighttime Podcast: Nova Scotia Rampage - catching up on the delays with Paul Palango

Paul Palango has been asked to report on the Joseph Gregory Hallett claims kingship as King John III important story by me... he hasn't done so... why?  Paul Palango has a no doubt lucrative "Random House" book deal and he also has a lot invested in the "Gabriel Wortman shootings" story as an RCMP coverup... how deep does the rabbit hole really go?

Boardwalks of New Brunswick Canada .... Cap-Pele

 Outdoor Park - Village of Cap-Pelé (cap-pele.com) <<<<----- click on link

Go play outside...

Dr. Patrick Phillips Accused of Spreading Misinformation [City News]

City News reporting on the Doctor who went 'off script' during scamdemic Follow Patrick at Twitter https://twitter.com/DrP_MD [almost 49K followers!] Patrick Phillips MD @DrP_MD [ originally from Sussex New Brunswick] Good news: It looks like actively serving RCMP officers are standing up for our rights and freedoms! https://mounties4freedom.ca I've talked to Patrick by phone and told him about new King John III (0:

King John III Intel - America is a Plantation of the UK, Debt Slaves, and The Truth Beyond the Illusion [2007]

Website for Joseph Gregory Hallett, King John III @ http://kingjohnthethird.uk .. Way back in 2007 radio show with Greg Hallett and Canada's Lenny Bloom with his co-host Sherman Skolnick discussed some of the content of one of Greg's early books "A Right Royal Con". Hallett discussing with Bloom and co-hostSkolnick what he found in his research [at the time 14 years ago].

Honourable Mounties Fight Mandatory Vaccines - Indie MLAs Call for Debate {Alberta} - Vaxopolis Extremus 2021


Two articles on the vaxx attack regime in Canada...

SLOBODIAN: Honourable Mounties fight mandatory vaccinations - The Western Standard (westernstandardonline.com)

Independent Alberta MLAs call for emergency debate on forced vaccinations - The Western Standard (westernstandardonline.com)

Oct 25, 2021

What has Sackville New Brunswick Become since March 2020?


The State of Fear ... A Little Shire of Endless Booster Jabbies with Big Pharma's best boy Charles Beaver... how are you enjoying your shit sandwich served up lovingly by the usual suspects?

Technocrats only take away your liberties... haven't you learned that by now? Still time to opt out..

The Global Landscape on Vaccine ID Passports Part 4: BLOCKCHAINED - coreysdigs.com

Commentary Found at Sackville Uncensored on Immigration Entry Point -- Mount Allison University Established in 1843

 People leave me comments... I publish them as posts sometimes... here's such a comment below...

and I would say the answer is "yes" ----

"So.... Are universities just a new type of immigration point located on a map now?"


Lithuanian Farmer, Husband, Father of Two Talks About Life in his Nation Under The "New Society" of Covid Passports Six Weeks Along


Really sad... what this world has become...

My country of Lithuania has imposed very severe measures against people who do not have a Covid Pass.

How severe?

• You're banned from large supermarkets.
• Banned from non-essential stores.
• Banned from restaurants.

And a lot more.

Read more at this link:

This is the most tragic thing I have seen so far
in the coviet era the world has become
a dystopian nightmare ... 
hopefully people will wake up from it.
Stay sane, stay strong, stay real.
Fuck Bonnie Henry.

The Higherside Chats: Graphene World Order, Bio-Surveillance State & The Better Story [Audio]

Alison McDowell, Wrenchinthegears.com

Why follow when you could lead?


Oct 24, 2021

If you want to know how deep this rabbit hole goes follow the lady in Philly! Alison McDowell @ Wrenchinthegears.com


"Wrench in the gears"... with mama blogger and activist Alison in the USA .

#Nature Not Nano... Youtube Wrench In The Gears - YouTube

Culture Jamming A Blockchain Summit In Texas – Wrench in the Gears

It was never meant to be temporary. It's been a year. If you were deceived, own it. Process it. Grieve. Then join with others to start fixing the damage.

Jim Goad "Our Bright Future" Episode with Henrik Palmgren, Red Ice TV - Interview October 2020 with the American Author

 Our Bright Future - Jim Goad (bitchute.com) <<<<------------- listen at this link.

Website:  http://jimgoad.net

Twitter Jim Goad (@jimgoad) / Twitter

The Segregation of Maritimers 2020/2021.... A Modern Day Tragedy in P.E.I.


Prince Edward Island.. once upon time it was known as the Gentle Island and then it morphed into the Green Island...

the medical officer is a Rhodes Scholar.. the medical mafia that run Canada don't care about health.. well being.. happiness... or freedoms.

They need to arrest the frauds there now.

"But the people of Earth are beautiful, brave, strong and creative".... - Nordica Friedrich

"But the people of Earth are beautiful, brave, strong and creative. We're finally awakening to the nasty truth of the machine we have been born into, and we're ready to tear it apart, sprocket by sprocket. Yours in poetry, Nordica Friedrich February 27, 2012"


Oct 23, 2021

What is going on with graphene? Exposed to EMF self assembles into mesh?

More at this link:

Liz Gun: My Love Letter to My Fellow Kiwis


Meanwhile, in New Zealand... the passionate plea of a former TV Broadcaster Liz Gunn at this link:

Liz Gunn: My Love Letter to My Fellow Kiwis (bitchute.com)

Additional information at this article from Canucklaw.ca:

Public Media Alliance, Brussels Declaration, Protecting Journalists & "Media Freedom" - Canuck Law

Its Likely The World's Newest Religion: Vaxopolis Testopoly : Buckle Up Folks!


Bambi - a local blogger's stance on this issue:
"Bambi is with vaccination, as massively as realistically possible, that is without coercion...

we are lucky to have this great pharmacy in town and pharmacist (with all due respect to all the pharmacists of our town and province. Here is what Bambi wrote to Mr. Beaver’s team after her first shot:
“Hello to all:
I said thank you verbally when I left your pharmacy this morning (after staying 30 mn given the small possibility of allergic reaction). I am now writing to officially express my gratitude for your efficient AND caring service (hosting, coordinating, and delivering the Covid-19 vaccine) in addition to your regular excellent pharmacy services. Bravo to the great/busy nurse and caring pharmacy staff. Please keep up your great work & thanks for existing in Sackville.” "

More about Bambi from Bruce Wark:

Article from Bambi on children's jabbies:

and also thanks for these two links Louis:

Its entirely possible that most people will continue to go along with the endless vaxx programme here and be willing to take four jabbies a year as they are now required to do in Israel.. we'll see how they feel when that's the reality for them here too... its just so weird how things change so quickly... when it comes to untested and unauthorized but approved jabbies the reality is that people are 'being used as guinea pigs' at this point.. that is the new status quo .... stay sane in Clown World... don't let the deathcult get you down. and don't be a 'casualty'.. read up at this link from Civilian Intelligence Network Canada ->

WARNING: Charles Beaver Pharmacist: Proceed Without Caution in Sackville New Brunswick!

The generous media coverage for the pro-vaxx crowd of hysterics continues locally at CHMA...

Celebrating with over 7000 jabbies under his belt during this 'scamdemic' .. keep an eye on Beaver who is not a doctor but just another big pharma vaxx minion working locally as a useful idiot ... imagine thinking injecting poison into human veins is a good thing? This activity should be outlawed.

"Community spread" is a communitarian term which isn't even logical..... you have to believe in the cult of 'community' to believe that its even possible in a sparsely populated province of 777,000 to consider 101 total deaths to be a massive concern.. that's called 'group think'.

Blindly ambitious is how I would describe minion Chas. Beaver [wonder what sort of 'meds' he is on].

Beaver's newest plans are for pushing into our children's schools next and nailing more old people in care homes with his 'voodoo jabbies' as well as annual flu shots... so going after the young and old is really pathetic work Charles... and you can't be fired.. you're like a machine on auto-pilot..

Friday on Tantramar Report: Higgs and Russell announce circuit breaker extension; talking boosters and budgets » CHMA 106.9 FM (chmafm.com)

Just because Charles wears a white jacket for his job doesn't make him an expert on medicine and healthcare... he is basically a legalized 'community -approved' big pharma vaxx drug-pusher.

There is no science to back up Beaver's statements that vaccines keep people healthy. None. Zilch.

The fact that all people are being coerced due to threats of losing their employment would of course increase the demand for vaxx... du-oh... what else are people going to do? Are they supposed to go hungry and lose their homes and jobs/livelihoods?

Sadly, I think that this misguided businessman actually thinks his work is heroic and necessary.  101 deaths in New Brunswick in almost two years time just isn't worthy of a 'state of emergency' declaration .. and there is no justification for the hysteria.. no matter how you slice it... its nothing more than the usual number of people who die from seasonal flu - or old age for that matter since that is the true demographic of people dying... so the fears are unfounded but they are actively fuelled by misinformation and lies.

For more pro-vaxx big pharma salesmanship go visit at CHMA mta.ca cabbalists aka journalists:

Charles Beaver on boosters, kids vaccines, and the importance of the drop in appointment » CHMA 106.9 FM (chmafm.com)

A lot of money is now flowing to enriching multibillionaires with bigpharma vaxx industries and test kit producing companies... and that is money that could be funnelled instead to provide food, clothing, and shelter to the "needy".  So sad.

It would be great to have an actual public debate with Patty Vaxxer Quinn who seems to think that healthy people all need to be vaccinated rather than perhaps boosting their own immunities by maintaining a healthy weight through good food choices, regular exercise and self-care.. Quinn - indigenous admin. - is just another misinformed medical advice minion online for Mount Vaxxed Uni. Inc. {MVU Inc.}

Dreamer's Memes.... Global Breakthrough Energy Movement

Global Breakthrough Energy Movement...



Get your Global BEM button 'free' in the week when you do a  'community' jabbie ...
Its a new age eh?

If you are vaxx aware and don't want the jabbies you could still get the buttons made for yourself and your friends.

I've employed Dave's Rock Emporium Record Shop Owner to make my buttons for me. Shop local.

As Jacque Fresco of The Venus Project would say... we must move beyond politics, poverty and war ... that war would include the race war that is fomented constantly by the chattering class we call academia... and that war would also include the mandating of vaxx for people who do not want it .. vaxx are 'weapons of mass destruction' and its unfair to ask people to participate in yet another genocide... 
be strong, be real, be wise.

Acknowledging the New King and more - thanks Alfred Lambremont Webre - #EXOPOLITICS

Unspoken truths of the new age with the new King - King John III - Joseph Gregory Hallett has claimed Kingship from the flat lie royals rothschild usurper frauds @ http://kingjohnthethird.uk

On Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Rumble... and more ....  check out Alfred Lambremont Webre who is a human rights activist, an American/Canadian citizen, lawyer, and advocate for humanity.. he is based in Vancouver British Columbia Canada:

Alfred has issued Orders to Cease and Desist to the perpetrators of this "scam" and fraud and crimes against all of humanity:


Alfred Lambremont Webre on Twitter: "Meet the New King of England King John III/Greg Hallett https://t.co/tHCXebw5Wx A fascinating insight into the man who has a bunch of titles and fulfils all the predictions With Jack Kidd and Gregory Hallett https://t.co/4H6piIRdG4 Documentation https://t.co/cXXZnYGtzJ" / Twitter

Alfred and I share the mutual friendship of the late friend and vaxx aware advocate and podcaster Sallie Ann O. Elkordy in New York City who at the age of 60 passed away in November 2020.. gone too soon.. loved and missed by so many.. she has left a large legacy with her tremendous work ethic:
Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai on Why Vaccines can NEVER be Effective ~ Host Sallie Elkordy 01/17 by themaryandsallieshow | News (blogtalkradio.com)

Alfred's article here:

Was Judge Sallie Elkordy the target of a targeted assassination by 5G so as to prevent her from testifying in the Tribunal Trial on Sunday Nov. 29, 2020? - TrueTube.info (blogs.com)

This Gates et al led and financed timeline is destructive and will be corrected -- this is not the future for humanity with endless jabbies and boosters and vaxx passports and segregation / discrimination against the unvaxxed - this is all wrong.

Oct 22, 2021

La Palma volcano: Drone video shows multiple lava streams snaking toward...

Nature is a powerful and deadly force... 
"she's not weak and fragile" at all.

John R.R. Searl Jason Verbelli Global BEM Secret Space Program - Open Source Intelligence - Energy Evolution

Rest in Peace Patricia Belliveau ~ Beautiful Inside and Outside - You Will Be Missed xo

 Obituary of Patricia Belliveau | Campbells Funeral Home serving Sac...

Patricia was a very special lady in our little town.. always friendly and good natured.

A little more written on Patricia from mutual friend Rima... at this link:

Sackville, NB, will not be the same without you, Pat Belliveau! – Bambi's Afkar (bambisafkar.ca)

Greeting the post office customers/visitors with a warm smile as always.. she radiated charm and class.

Christmas Morning 2011 - thoughtful Patricia was clearing snow away to create trails on our frozen pond for pond skaters... she told me that she didn't skate but liked to do this for others. So thoughtful.

Rest in peace Patricia.. gone too soon.. condolences to your family and friends at this difficult time xo

Arrangements are under the care and direction of Campbell's Funeral Home 89 Bridge St, Sackville NB. In keeping with Patricia's wishes, there will be visitation at Campbell’s Funeral Home on Sunday, October 24, 2021, from 2-4 pm and 7-9 pm. The Funeral Mass will take place on Monday, October 25, 2021, at 11 am at St. Paul’s Anglican Church, 125 Main Street, Sackville NB with Rev'd Fr. Craig O’Brien officiating.

October is Vaccine Injury Awareness Month....

New tab (vaccineresistancemovement.org)


 Here's MAFA's position on mandatory vaccines:

MAFA Position on mandatory vaccination for university employees and students - mafa


Across New Brunswick people are being coerced into vaccinations for fear of losing their employment and its wrong, unethical, and tragic.

Here's VAERS ... Vaccine Adverse Event Reports System:

VAERS - Data (hhs.gov)

Indie Media Eastcoast Canada : Eustace Mullins - Murder by Injection

Indie Media Eastcoast Canada : Eustace Mullins - Murder by Injection:  

Alfred L. Webre: Matrix House of Cards is Collapsing: Positive Timeline is Emerging #EXOPOLITICS

 Alfred L. Webre: Matrix House of Cards is Collapsing: Positive Timeline is Emerging #EXOPOLITICS (bitchute.com)  <<<---- watch at this link

Oct 21, 2021

Rotary Club Are Welcomed in the Schools.... Why?


Principal Ada Phinney, Salem Elementary .. with a local Rotary Club minion.

Safe Schools N.B.: Notice Given of Missing, Stolen Property: Last Seen by me with Ada Phinney At Her Residence October 2019 (nomorefluoriderinsenb.blogspot.com)

Sensible Health Advice.... thanks Captain Junayd!


Avocado with shredded carrots... healthy snacking.

Noctoria (Night time urination) Drinking water at night how it helps Noctoria and heart problems are related. It is worth spending two minutes to take read the information below. An American doctor tells us that Nocturia, heart problem and cerebral infarction are related. The most common symptom of middle-aged and elderly people is nocturia (waking up at night to urinate). Because of nocturnal urine, the elderly are afraid of drinking water before bedtime. They don't know that not drinking water before going to bed, getting up in the middle of the night to pee without drinking water is an important cause of early morning cerebral infarction in middle-aged and elderly people. In fact, nocturia is not a problem of bladder dysfunction. Nocturia is caused by the aging failure of the heart function in the elderly, and the inability of the right heart atrium to suck blood from the lower body. During the day, we are all in a standing position, The blood will flow down. If the heart is not good, the blood volume of the heart is insufficient, the pressure on the lower body will increase, so middle-aged and elderly people will have lower body edema during the day. When they lie down at night, the pressure on the lower body will be relieved and a lot of water accumulate in the tissues The water returns to the blood. If there is too much water, the kidneys will work hard to separate out the water and drain it to the bladder, causing nocturia. Therefore, it usually takes about three or four hours after lying down to sleep to get up and go to the toilet for the first time. After that, the water in the blood continues to increase. So after another 3 hours, they will have to go to the toilet again. Why is this an important cause of cerebral infarction and myocardial infarction? Because after two or three urinations, the water in the blood is greatly reduced. The body also continue to lose water through breathing. The blood then begins to become thick and sticky, and the heart rate slows down due to the low metabolism of the body during sleep. With thick blood and slow blood flow, the stenosis of the blood vessel is easily blocked... This is why the middle-aged and elderly people almost always have myocardial infarction or cerebral infarction at 5 or 6 in the morning. This situation will lead to death while asleep. The first thing to tell everyone is that nocturia is not a malfunction of the bladder, but a problem of aging heart. The second thing to tell everyone is that you must drink some warm water before going to bed, and you must drink some warm water after you wake up in the middle of the night to pee. Don't be afraid of nocturia, because not drinking water may take your life. The third thing is that you must exercise more in normal times to strengthen the function of the heart. The human body is not a machine. A machine will wear out when used frequently, but the human body will be the opposite. It will become stronger when used frequently. Do not eat unhealthy food, especially high starch and fried foods. If you like this article article, please forward it to your middle-aged and elderly friends

Australian Man Says "Just Remember.... "

Crowd Against Mandated Jabbies! New York Union Square

Sign of the Kiwi Cafe and Bar - New Zealand [ South Island ]


“White flight” is the sudden or gradual large-scale migration of white people from areas becoming more racially or ethnoculturally diverse.

This is what happened when my Dad sold our house to a black family in Chattanooga East Tennessee, along the Tennessee River.
Housing prices went down and our neighbours started to move out

That was in 1955

My Dad was a true democrat. He was appointed on the school board and was in favour of integration of black kids into school.

It did creates a lot of tensions within the community.

I still remember that black people had to sit at the back of the bus and when a white person was stepping in the coloured people. Had to move further back.
Yes that’s right we didn’t call them black people at the time, we call them Coloured people.
There was 4 distinctive public toilets . White male. White female. Coloured female. Coloured male in public accomodations around Chattanooga.

The KKK was in full action at the time

Fortunately “We’ve moved beyond those dark days, but not without a tremendous amount of pain and suffering, and an ongoing fight to keep moving forward.

I met my husband after a trip to Australia in 1975. He is from Christchurch.
Big shock when I saw everybody here was into their sports on a Saturday morning.
My husband was no exception, he was playing cricket with his mates . I thought they were a bit weird these Kiwis but the biggest shock was shops closed very early and not opened 24hrs/day.

We had to go shopping to New Brighton

Facebook page July 2021

Meanwhile in Canada....

A new kind of segregation is taking place now....
unvaxxed are now shunned by our society... nothing changes and history repeats itself... oh well... 
I bake and make my own delicious treats and meals at home... no big loss but I hope that people see this all for what it is:  discrimination. Government does this to us.. and we assist by complying with them.
Have a lovely day... see you around town folks!