Tuesday, 14 November 2017

The Environment: A True Story

No-Go Zones, Bombs

Sweden is slowly descending into a civil war and the police is helpless ...or so it seems. A recent flash mob in Gothenburg by the Nordic Resistance Movement shows a very different police force than the one that claim its unable to keep crime at bay in the 60 no-go zones in Sweden.

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Never Apologize ... Part 1

The AltRight takes D.C. .. USA identitarians.

Dr Duchesne Speaks About Multiculturalism .. 2014

Sunday, 12 November 2017

The Varsity is a Leftist Rag

Tantramar Skate Park ~ Facebook... youth project, tourism, fun, freedom, sport, culture

Advocating for a few years on behalf of the youth of this town who presented before town council and mayor in 2013 and were completely ignored in favour of many other ridiculous expenditures and wasteful projects that didn't benefit enough people to warrant their costs .. a lot of common sense is missing here... that's why I promote a skatepark .. and no .. I don't get excited about windfarm projects or rainbow crosswalks... why would I ... seriously?  In the past five years I have watched local government grow their bureaucracy, build a $14million palace for themselves and generally ignore any good ideas from the public who pay taxes and live here .. the youth to me matter a lot .. so I will push on and persuade them to be a constructive bunch of bureaucrats .. instead of a bunch of assclowns with their heads in the sand...

A great skatepark could be paid for in no time .. this town is not short of cash .. obviously .. will get this done --- without or with your help dear readers --- I have no respect for Ron Kelly-Spurles, tourism dept, Matt Pryde, parks & rec, nor Phil Handrahan, CAO -- I find their behaviour, lack of action, apathy and censorship of me unacceptable.. and to them I give the middle finger, happily.

Let's Break a Taboo, Part 2 :: Jared Taylor, American Renaissance

Dan Roodt: "The South African Crisis in World Perspective"

Bill Clinton's Communitarian Agenda {Shit Communitarians Say...}

Even the Pope is in on the racket.. imagine that? Click for link here

[ http://nikiraapana.blogspot.ca/2015/09/the-new-world-pope-is-communitarian.html ]

Living Outside The Dialectic: Opposition to Agenda 21 is not just a Right Wing...

Living Outside The Dialectic: Opposition to Agenda 21 is not just a Right Wing a...: Over the past few years we've seen a rising swell of opposition against Agenda 21 in the United States. It's becoming harder for Americans..... [click link for article from Niki Raapana]  Follow up on the communitarian agenda at the authors Niki Raapana and Nordica Friedrich's published "2020:  Our Common Destiny & The Anti Communitarian Manifesto" book from "ACL Books" publishers Alaska USA at http://nord.twu.net/al

Elon Musk: "We're Going to Mars by 2024"

Robert Spencer and Christine Williams - Multiculturalism and Islam, 2017

So who will advocate for eurocanadian rights?  Council of European Canadians.  Check them out if you have not done so already and be sure to pick up your copy of "Canada in Decay" by Prof. Duchesne.

Intellectual Persuasion - Alex Epstein

Grassroots? BLM, Decolonize, Divest? LOL

So many movements... so much clusterfuckery... walk away kids... http://alinskyfilm.com .. community organizers are not your friends... Communitarianism is not good for your health and welfare....  become AN ANTI-COMMUNITARIAN ... learn more at http://nord.twu.net/acl

The Spengler E07: Liberty Machine News, Canada

Oil Sands Action ~ Canada 2017

Canada In Decay by Professor Ricardo Duchesne, UNB

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Geez...Who is minding the store?

Here's Why it's OKAY To Be White

Canada's Bill Moreau - Finance Minister Officially Under Investigation!!

Bill Warner and VTB discuss Toronto's push towards totalitarian leftism

Richard Spencer USA Calls Out Lauren Southern Canada

Peter Brimelow's VDARE.com

Altright.com versus funded NB Media Coop "The Barf"

My pet peeve in New Brunswick Canada are those people who think its OK to stage protests and marches in the name of everyone else that lives here - you don't speak for me .. got it? In a small eastcoast province of under one million people... trust me.... its always the same friggin cucks.... and commies .... whining and bitching...
Free Press at Canadian post office ...
Alt Right http://altright.com and funded NB Media {{ Open Borders }} Co-op The Brief .. http://nbmediacoop.org/ 
Refugee Resettlement Watch [Facebook] ... Ann Corcoran.. USA.
Tantramar Landowners Association [Facebook] .. Canada..

Blue Elephant Gallery, Canada

Prosscast 007 Anarchist Perspective Bullshit Culture, Victor Pross, Canada

The Evils of Multiculturalism - Prosscast 002

Jason Verbelli ~ The Real Verbz : indie researcher

Almost 10 years ago I found Jason Verbelli on Facebook... he is one of the coolest cats you will ever discover... 
Youtube .. https://www.youtube.com/user/TheRealV...

Global Breakthrough Energy Movement... 

free energy flyer... https://www.scribd.com/doc/56042386/F...

John Searl Story film http://johnsearlstory.com by Bradley Lockerman

SEG Magnetics... http://segmagnetics.com 

Correlated Magnetics Research .. 

Dr. Judy Wood, http://wheredidthetowersgo.com

VDARE Publisher Peter Brimelow Unleashed on Canadian TV - Limit Immigrat...

The Anti-Whites Are On The March

Copy of The Cool Story About The Real Sons of Anarchy


Thursday, 9 November 2017

Nutjob Commie Professor at Drexel Blames Texas Massacre on “Whiteness”

Nutjob Commie Professor at Drexel Blames Texas Massacre on “Whiteness”

Manipulating History: The Revelation of Lies

Libertarian explains to socialist why taxation is theft

Human Flourishing: The F Word - Alex Epstein

Dr. Judy Wood Toronto Sept 11 2016

Alt-Right Politics - November 9, 2017 - Virginia, Texas, and Saudi Arabia

Here is the Greatest Trump vs CNN Fake News Meme of All Time

Xurious - Huwheat Fields [ removed from bandcamp, imagine that? ]

Prof. Ricardo Duchesne - Montreal, June 2017

Trudeau Declares His Liberal Billionaire Buddy Innocent

America - and Canada - at the Crossroads ~ Peter Brimelow, VDARE, USA