Feb 28, 2021

Ms. Uncomfortable wants you to wear a mask.... Anne Comfort's Biggest Fuck UP yet


Photos from Twitter of Anne Comfort, Mount Allison University administration.
Advocating masks seems to be part of the job description.  Unfortunate. Sad.
One wonders how much this well paid
administrative tool is paid for her 'efforts'.
A woman by nature is a protective momma grizzly especially if she is a parent.
This is a difficult time to be a compassionate soul but have to muzzle others too.

Anne Comfort is another 'obediant and submissive order follower' and she is completely
uninformed medically on the reality of mask wearing.  Now admittedly this is new territory for this woman in 2020/2021 but she should still be questioning the validity of the mask mandates if she is truly concerned 
with student health and wellness.
The purpose of her very well paid job is to take care of the students of Mount Allison University not to harm or injure them in any way
physically or psychologically....
This should be a protective instinct ingrained in a woman who is also a mother... so I am truly baffled.
Keep in mind we are now a year into this 'pandemic' state of emergency event in New Brunswick which has seen only 26 deaths in a population of 777,000 from covid19 which begs
the question [if you do math] -- why the panic?
All you hear from media are the number of 
cases but they do not report honestly on the number
of deaths in proportion and now are promoting
vaccines for a problem that is not a problem...
this is obviously about making big pharma
vaccine industry richer, not about health.
Premier Higgs has committed fraud on the
people of New Brunswick by continuing this covid panic unnecessarily -- he will have to be brought to 
justice for that position and that action..
as will Anne Comfort.

Anne Comfort
director of accessibility and student wellness at Mount Allison University; Member of CACUSS Board of Directors; Mom, wife and sister

Just following orders from the technocrats...

Nevermind wellness just do as you are all told to do? How unfortunate for you Ms. Comfort.

Questioning stupid policy is probably the most important thing you could do. Perhaps Anne needs to be corrected if she is to do her job properly. The University has opened itself up to lawsuits and multiple ongoing violations of health and safety regulations... so would Anne Comfort have a clue about that though? I doubt it as she seems pretty focussed on her 'social and racial justice' issues on campus.

If your employment relies on abusing others with bad policy - face mask wearing mandated - then maybe it is time to consider a new field of work..
CBC is covering the local mta.ca Rima Azar story with Saint John team player/mask wearer @
https://twitter.com/HeadlineMinder -- a lot of people seem really happy posing in masks online.
Its a fetish showing submissiveness. . . eh?

Jeff Rense with Niki Raapana - Globalists Totalitarian Takeover


From the archives... Niki Raapana interviewed by Jeff Rense @ Rense.com
http://nord.twu.net/acl ACL Books - Niki Raapana & Nordica Friedrich
Interestingly ... focus of Niki's work is the change agent Cologne Germany born Werner Falk 
aka Amitai Etzioni - communitarian network guru - and his book was released in 2014 called......

Once you listen to this illuminating interview you will grasp why the word 'community' is such a loaded term and what it means to these collectivists who use it... please feel free to share this with others... open source intelligence and media.

Meanwhile, the local palace minions continue to manage funds, hoard, and reward with their generous gravy train bucks to special 'community' members / groups... ONLY....

Council awarded 2021 Community Development Grants to a variety of community organizations, totaling $79,050.

Follow Sally on Twitter @ Vaccine Risk Aware, Pro Informed Consent, Freedom Fighter xo


"Lockdowns Are Quietly Improving Cities Around The World" | JFGT #130 - Quebec Podcaster J.F. Gariepy

Author of "The Revolutionary Phenotype" 

"Lockdowns Are Quietly Improving Cities Around The World" | JFGT #130.

We Are The Common Law Court - Canada - Vis Legis




Our State systems of justice are failing the people because they protect vested interests before the public interest, they also no longer provide the people with a lawful remedy.

As men and women, we have the inalienable right to hold those committing crimes against the people, personally accountable.

Accordingly, the people chose to convene common law courts, as a lawful alternative, to provide a lawful remedy that preserved the public interest and which did not have any vested interests.

Justice how it was intended to work, based on Natural Law.

In Scotland at one of these common law court cases, three judges were summoned to appear to answer to charges that they were committing crimes against the people. They failed to respond, failed to enter into the provided pre-trial mediation process and did not turn up for the trial hearing. This is a tacit admission of guilt.

Now, to frustrate the will of the people, these three judges have used their state system to target two men resulting in their unlawful detention, erroneous charges and to coerce them into their own statute courts, this to exact revenge on them through an appalling abuse of process.

These judges have claimed that the people do not have the right to set up their own courts, whilst providing zero evidence of this, they do not want the people to interfere with their monopoly business or to hold them accountable to the people.

Do you believe that the authority lies with the people?

Do you believe that the State should be accountable to the people?

Do you believe that everyone should be held personally accountable for any crimes that they commit?

If you agree, please print-off the common law court message of support by using this link: I AM THE CLC – CANADA , take a selfie with it and email the photo to info@commonlawcourt.com

Now is the time to stand together, protect your rights.

Everyone is accountable for their behaviour, it is no longer
acceptable for the people to suffer.


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