white history erasure

white history erasure

Saturday, 17 November 2018

Excommunicated For Being Pro-White | James Edwards and Matthew Drake

More at this link .. USA .. https://illustratedphilosophy.com/excommunicated-for-being-pro-white-james-edwards-and-matthew-drake/

Anonymous: Elon Musk It Will All Be Gone By 2030

PROMO: Ron Paul Baby Onsie - Matthew Drake & Radical Capitalist -- Chase Rachels

Link to purchase Baby Onsie https://illustratedphilosophy.com/shop/paul-baby-onesie/

2008 was a special year. Your baby couldn’t be there but he or she can still show support for the world’s most pro-liberty OBGYN doctor.. Ron Paul, Mr. Liberty.
#taxation is theft -- teach your children well...

Wait long enough and your questions eventually get answered indirectly....

With thanks to Freedom Free For All -- Adam Blainey for the link to Harvard's Solar Geo Engineering First Quarterly newsletter https://www.dropbox.com/s/m1q86ujfe7vc2c8/First%20quarterly%20newsletter%20from%20Harvards%20Solar%20Geoengineering%20Research%20Program.pdf?dl=0

Playing with the weather -- what Gods they must believe they are...

Some people call them 'chemtrails' .. or 'skylines' ... or 'radiation management'... its a global management programme... its something technocrats work at .. for the greater good.

Some documentary film makers have made films about them .. this stuff will get you labelled tinfoil hat and conspiracy theorist or worse .. #thanks whackademia.

P.S. Harvard is a shithole... https://www.harvardmagazine.com/2002/09/abolish-the-white-race.html

Anthony Hopkins explains the draw of playing dark personalities

Hopkins is a remarkable individual.. I love his spirit and his Welshness.. his greatest film was the World's Fastest Indian.. it was perfect in every single way... what a beaut Anthony!

There is no honour among thieves......

Its a natural tendency when you come across hysterical and brainwashed people to want to help them... perhaps their problems are deeper than I had realized before.. working class people are not necessarily concerned about 'climate change' but it seems to be the pre-occupation of many who are considered 'the educated class'..

A few years ago I was reporting on the 'fat cats' sending more money to Mount Allison University for another pet "climate related" project...

so when people tell me to start up a fundraiser for the skatepark project I've been promoting here for our youth I point to this example as to why children should not ever be asked to raise money for a project at all .. the taxes paid are public monies for projects that benefit the public.

Despite this multi-million dollar generous chunk of change being happily dropped into the environmentalists' tip jar it really didn't help the Liberals secure this riding in the last election .. imagine that?  Maybe they should have thought of the regular Canadians - instead of behaving like sycophants to the academics... ?

No pipelines will get built; no much needed energy projects will be advanced .. sadly - its all just about cronyism ... its just about sucking money from the public purse and appearing to be constructive.  Mount Allison University sucks hard on the tit... I say they need to be cut off ... I'd say they've taken far more than enough.

Brian Gallant still appears to be in shock that he lost this election.. I'm not.. I realize how hard the 'green' push in this province... culturally 'green' is more powerful than 'big oil' .. but no one ever talks about 'big green' .. do they?
"Big Green" are very powerful behind the scenes... don't underestimate them.. another word you can use to describe them is "technocrats".

Friday, 16 November 2018

Speaking with Journalist Faith Goldy with Alex Van Hamme - Free Bird Media

Carl Sagan & Alex Grey

Art by Alex Grey...

Text by Carl Sagan...

"We were hunters and foragers. The frontier was everywhere. We were bounded only by the earth, and the ocean, and the sky. The open road still softly calls. Our little terraqueous globe as the madhouse of those hundred thousand millions of worlds. We, who cannot even put our own planetary home in order, riven with rivalries and hatreds; are we to venture out into space? By the time we are ready to settle even the nearest other planetary systems, we will have changed. The simple passage of so many generations will have changed us; necessity will have changed us. We are… an adaptable species. It will not be we who reach Alpha Centauri and the other nearby stars. It will be a species very like us, but with more of our strengths, and fewer of our weaknesses; more confident, farseeing, capable and prudent. For all our failings, despite our limitations and fallibilities, we humans are capable of greatness. What new wonders undreamt of in our time, will we have wrought in another generation, and another? How far will our nomadic species have wandered, by the end of the next century, and the next millennium? Our remote descendants, safely arrayed on many worlds through the solar system, and beyond, will be unified, by their common heritage, by their regard for their home planet, and by the knowledge that, whatever other life may be, the only humans in all the universe, come from Earth. They will gaze up and strain to find the blue dot in their skies. They will marvel at how vulnerable the repository of all our potential once was, how perilous our infancy, how humble our beginnings, how many rivers we had to cross, before we found our way."

Hubble photography NEBULA THE IRIS

When I lived in Halifax Nova Scotia the library had to send to Calgary to get a copy of his book "Cosmos" to borrow for me .. I miss this guy..
the young people coming up now won't know his message.. that's sad.

Meet Bill Hicks...a 20th Anniversary introduction

Good Boi Cast Ep 7 (Faith Goldy Interview!)

PewDiePie RedPill #1337

�� Top 40 Geodesic Dome Home Ideas 2018

Amazon banned Game again (but not these 10 filthy products) : Roosh V

Amazon banned " Game "  again (but not these 10 filthy products)

Video link here .. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nvJ9PZwyq7Y

A war on the family and a war on traditionalism.. wake up folks ... #culture war

Global BEM Nikola Tesla Wilhelm Reich Walter Russell John Searl



Global BEM - http://globalbem.com 

Stream of Consciousness: Call it Crime | Guest: K.M. Breakey

Trav Patron - Nationalist.ca -- a different way... for Canadians

 Trav Patron's "Canadian Nationalist Party" -- more at website http://nationalist.ca

Xurious - May Angels Smile Upon You

Xurious UK .. a musician who has been 'censored' heavily on youtube... why?

Visual art by Esothetic:


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Thursday, 15 November 2018

Liberal dictatorship in the West

Carbon Based Lifeforms - Loss Aversion (official video)


Kiev, Ukraine In The Spring

Marine Le Pen Destroys Angela Merkel

Afriforum vs EFF - This Land question is going too Far

Malema & Maimane Attacks Ramaphosa Son

Scientist David Goodall Chooses Euthanasia At 104 Years Old

Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Rothschild, and British Royal Family Connections

In 2015, American Sean Stone [Oliver Stone's son] interviews New Zealander Greg Hallett for his show "Enter the Buzzsaw" the youtube link is here

Greg Hallett's website today is now  ...

Books for sale at his website..

Stop the UN Global Compact on Migration via eurocanadian.ca

STOP THE GLOBAL COMPACT FOR MIGRATION NOW: https://petitions.ourcommons.ca/en/Petition/Details?Petition=e-1906

Next month the liberal government is going to sign the most dangerous "Global Compact for Migration" (GCM). This UN agreement is fully slanted towards the interests of the sending countries of the Third World. It will largely eliminate the difference between illegal and legal immigration. Illegal aliens will receive much the same rights of access to the Canadian social system, health care, schooling and the labour market as legal immigrants do.

At the same time the signatory states commit themselves to pursue so-called "hate speech" and "hate crimes" against foreigners more strictly than before, while the media is supposed to provide a "positive" image of immigration on the whole. The signatories will have to submit an account to the UN in regular intervals to report their "progress" in implementing its contents.

Globalist defenders of the agreement argue that the pact is legally not binding, but why would they want Canada and the other Western countries to sign a paper if they do not secretly expect it to have an impact on their immigration policy? What the proponents do not tell you is that the GCM will go into customary international law by virtue of being followed and implemented by the signatories. This "soft law" will then develop a binding effect in international affairs no less strong than "hard law" as it already happened in the past.

One hundred years ago treaties like these used to be imposed only on defeated nations, and so the number of Western countries pulling out from the pact has been steadily increasing:

The United States, the worldwide largest recipient of illegal immigration by far, have long withdrawn from the process. This will have an immediate effect on us: Secondary migration to Canada will rise even further, perhaps even explode in future, once illegals realize they encounter more favourable conditions on our side of the border.

Australia, the only other country in the world besides CAN where multiculturalism is offical state ideology, has also pulled out. So have a number of European states with strong, patriotic leaderships such as Austria, Hungary, and Poland. A dozen other European states are considering not to sign the GCM, either, including very developed nations such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark and Switzerland. Everywhere there is a lively public debate going on about its negative effects except in Trudeau's "post-national" Canada.

We from the CEC therefore urge you to sign the petition by Maxime Bernier's PPC against the GCM. Bernier is the first major Canadian politician to realize the dangers inherent in this hyper-globalist pact and he deserves our support for it.

STOP THE GLOBAL COMPACT FOR MIGRATION NOW: https://petitions.ourcommons.ca/en/Petition/Details?Petition=e-1906

7AM Official Trailer

Timmy Bits - Timmy on love

Canada's broken immigration & refugee system