Mar 17, 2019

The Ministry of Acceptable Opinions.. Is it a Big Problem?

Hey you, reader, yeah, you, the one who doesn't admit to reading this blog ....

Do you remember a time when you didn't follow the herd and the clique who told you what opinions you were allowed to have?

Online life has caused this change.

My sense is people have become demoralized and self-censor.. their body language often gives them away to me .. they are closed down and uncomfortable in their own skin by this pressure to conform.. I see it very well in this town..

Those were the good old days when your thoughts and your opinions were created by you and not for you .. Yep those were sure the good old days eh?

Comedy was a lot funnier, sharper, on-point, wittier and more entertaining. Society was not in a straitjacket like now.  Happy St. Patrick's Day folks... photo below of George Carlin, famous brother of Patrick Carlin, both American funny men.

Today - in community - you're helped along with the acceptable opinions on all the acceptable topics you may properly discuss with others without fear of backlash or worse " SHUNNING" .. THAT'S RIGHT! Good old "community builders" who operate as language police and provide you with their approved and solid ideas... where would we be without them to keep us on the 'straight & narrow'?  If you find things great now .. just wait .. its only getting more rigid... I like to push-back against that .. I still remember the liberation of saying how you feel and being honest.. I also think having someone tell you what you're allowed to say and think is really a form of death.. I want the opt out from that 'community'.. thanks.

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