Mar 12, 2019

What happens when you work for free? Fake economy...

Sackville Commons & Coworking

5 hrs
"Do you know this woman? She is our POWERHOUSE volunteer. Our Host Supervisor & Office Manager Miranda Forstall makes The Commons run, is a selfless, crafty, compassionate and our resident problem solver. She's invaluable to our community.
We ♡ Miranda and can't thank her enough!!! #VolunteerLove"

Yo Felthammer, working people for no pay and collecting pay yourself is an abusive labour practice:

" .... all pigs are equal... some are more equal than others ..." [ George Orwell's Animal Farm ]... at the commons... some people get paid money and the rest get a pat on the head for freely giving up their time for no pay ... this is no business model I would support... it is undermining the existing free enterprise model by promoting funded Start Ups aka PPP public private partnerships - transforming the economy... [ read Joan Veon's books; she died in October 2010 ]

 I suggest " the commons " needs to be audited for its sketchy business dealings and creative bookkeeping...

Defending their business model on Maxime Bernier's facebook 'Sackville Commons' writes:

"Hey, we're a non-profit that works really hard to not depend on government money. We're currently 101% funded by our members and services and currently entirely run by volunteers. I am not sure how that is cronyism? Perhaps you could enlighten us as to your perspective :) 

But, we will certainly give thanks to the town for kicking in some money to fund a volunteer database, and for awarding us with a $1000 grant in our first year. Is that what you're referring to? We have helped incubate and provide over 20 businesses and sponsor over 20 members a month with that help. We will get money soon to provide a tool library to our region at a reasonable price that is from the government, but that is something we can't yet support with our model. Large businesses get far larger perks, tax breaks and kickbacks than that, I'd say!

Income inequality and economic diversity are incredibly important-- especially in rural and small town areas like where we are. Sorry you don't appreciate our work -- but government money *really* isn't how we operate and it's hard work to make a large facility like ours work. 
Let us know if we can ever clear up any misunderstandings."

The reality of Start UPs is they are govt funded PPP public private partnerships.. that's why the centre calls itself a hub .. its a control system for 'business models' to be hatched.. and managed... and promoted.... they work extensively with a network of other 'non profits' and their model is based on volunteerism, not voluntaryism, and its not a fair model if people are working for no money.. its done to 'transform' our system AWAY from capitalism.. I am not sure why these people think others are stupid or not wise to their efforts .. managing people like cattle is what they are doing.  Volunteers are not employees and therefore not supported by labour laws.

"Start Ups" are what flat lie royal Prince Andrew promotes

...  the very idea of being on Team Andy is pitiful to me.

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