Apr 21, 2020

Statement of Claim in support of Joseph Gregory Hallett - Kingof.UK


... and I really do have to ask all the informed, erudite, worldly intellectuals who I will call the 'chattering class' and their clique of so-called educated people in this university town something:
Why are you not talking about this claim by Joseph Gregory Hallett?
Why is the CBC not talking about this claim?
Have you still got any rational and independant thoughts left in your heads or are you completely submissive to the herd mentality? Tick tock.

Queen Elizabeth has no style and titles.....eyes on....... Statement of Claim in Support of Joseph Gregory Hallett declares Patent Ambiguity of Queen Elizabeth II's Royal Style and Titles, 5 April 2020 rfs kingof.uk/documents-lega
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  1. Read through some of the document .it looks like he has a legitimate claim. Interesting coincidence that Prince Harry and his wife flew the nest befre this came out.Thanks for sharing. You have a site dedicated to searching for the truth.This is so rare in today's society.Thanks for sharing your knowledge and wisdom. Keep up the great contribution to our learning journey in this world.We need more people who are as dedicated as you to your quest for enlightenment .