Apr 5, 2021

CHMA 106.9 fm $5 donation challenge extended through 2021 : Issued by Sackville Uncensored



Global Breakthrough Energy Movement 

custom button created at

 Dave's Rock Emporium on 

Bridge Street downtown Sackville NB...

CHMA 106.9 fm listeners are invited to learn more

 and all co-creative reporters invited to introduce

 readers/listeners to Global BEM 

- open source intelligence at:


Bucky Fuller is one of the Hall of Famers at Global BEM

"Aranga! is the Awakening /\/\/\" --- King John III.. 

this is the time of the Great Awakening ... 

learn more at:


Collaborate and listen. 
Please help us to spread the word.

On a final note:
If your university experience does not make 
you feel excited to learn about new
information maybe its not an education
but an indoctrination.
Wearing facemasks has been a low point
for the student body... and we should all
make a stand and remove them and be fearless.
I would like to see the fear removed from mta.ca.
The truth is we have nothing to fear 
as the 'pandemic' is a fraud
and there is clearly no state of emergency;
this was a terror operation carried out
with the help of useful idiots around the world...
read at Patrick Wood's "Technocracy.news":
Patrick is part of the GlobalBEM.com group.

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  1. Great challenge! Hopefully they take up the opportunity to enlighten and evolve!