Oct 13, 2021

Volunteers and new members @ Sackville Commons & CoWorking Hub - Invitation from Julia Feltham aka "Felthammer"

Be your own boss..?  Julia has intel on how to get your own gig going instead of 'a life of student debt' with Mount Allison University -- wanna be a 'startup'? Doesn't it sound groovy and cool? Isn't "Co-working" the way forward in the world of 'build back better'... it just has to be.. right comrad?

Approved by Town of Sackville...

what sort of things do they do?

Sackville Commons & Coworking

"Want to volunteer to run our new space?
Looking for an office, storage, fast internet and inexpensive printing?
We're reopening our co-working hall at 18 Lorne and are seeking hosts and welcoming new members 
Email impact@coworksackville.com if you're interested!"

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Like Prez Boudreau at the university and Mayor Shawn Mesheau the Felthammer is super stoked about face muzzles and nasty jabbies too ... 

Just an FYI... not everyone is a vaxx cheerleader:

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