Jan 24, 2021

Fire of Renewal Notre Dame & Merlin 2019 King John III documents & Dominic Leblanc MP


Our very own Beausejour MP Dominic Leblanc is the current President of the Queen's Privy Council for Canada and he has been provided by email with the King John III documents:


Here's an excellent episode from 2019... share with others!  Joseph Gregory Hallett explains the "Fire of Renewal" in Paris.. and more! Click on this link:


What is the significance of Dominic Leblanc's role in Canada?  Read:


Surviving a cancer scare Dominic went through his own fire of renewal not too long ago.  God bless.

At one time Dominic Leblanc ran for leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada... maybe he will again.

We are all faithfully bound with the duty to serve the rightful King of England.  Thank you for helping out with sharing the message and the information being provided here.. however you do share it is your choice.. I am grateful for your Canadian efforts!


I've also put the episode "Fire of Renewal Notre Dame & Merlin" on to my bitchute.com account.
Watch here:

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