Sep 15, 2021

"The Pilgrim Society": A Study Worth Your Time [ Open Source ] : Happy 60th Birthday Wishes to Greg Hallett Today!

 2008-07-17-THE-PILGRIMS-SOCIETY-A-Study-of-the-Anglo-American-Establishment-Rockefellers-Rothschilds-Mellons-Windsors-etc-by-Joël-van-der-Reijden-ISGP-Jul-17-2008.pdf (

When discussing those 'awful elite colonizers' in the movement to 'indigenize' Canada from the abuses of church and state in our past you had best be prepared to name some names and not attack those 'awful white people' in general such as the working class and non-elites in Canada.. as for your enemy the wealthy chattering class .. if you don't know who they are and what they are by now you never will... the re-introduction of abusive face mask mandates for all our school children by frauds and chattering class clowns Dominic Cardy, Blaine Higgs, and Jennifer Russell [a doctor of doom] indicates a huge problem in this province and if this problem is not addressed, soon, there is no hope for the people of New Brunswick of ever being free, happy and prosperous.

Wishing Greg Hallett a happy 60th birthday today.

Please watch the videos posted at Greg Hallett's youtube channels to better educate yourselves:

Architect, Advocate, Author and more... 
A man of our time.. born September 15, 1961.
His presence exists in this town because of much artivism, peaceful and steady awareness campaign that is ongoing and life-affirming.

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