Oct 11, 2021

Hard working royals? Graham Smith on Twitter and Youtube @ https://www.republic.org.uk/ ?

Republic [website]

Cheeky Graham stands proudly with one of his funded billboards... imagine that?  What would the republic and the rest of the commonwealth actually look like without a Royal family?  Considering the current 'royal family' are Rothschilds would it be realistic to say that abolishing the 'royal family' wouldn't change very much since the Rothschilds are the bankster mafia who run the world and fund so much war, harm, injury and destruction globally including their latest endeavour we've labelled the 'coviet' psyop...

The good news is that a timeline correction occurred and that should take care of the 'fakery' and flat lie royals in 2021 and beyond...
the cat is out of the bag, he's not going back in.

"the Queen is not the Queen.. she's never been the Queen..." - Greg Hallett 

New Age .. New King .. 

Ditch the face diapers and breathe freely...

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