Oct 7, 2021

Keeping up with Frau[d] Erica Butler at CHMA 106.9 FM Mount Allison University reporting formerly with Halifax Examiner


A never-ending daily digest of fear and lies spews from this woman's lips at CHMA completely unchallenged and biased reporting... they have had to close their comments section to keep control of their narrative as tightly as they have .. it is truly sickening to witness this agent of chaos in action ... James Anderson, Station Manager, what the hell have you done?  I hope that this woman realizes how much of a putrid shitlord she is regarded as in this town -- she's on my list of top agents here for the "Anti Humanity Team" with her desperate and unending vaxx and testing promotions and collaborations with minion Charles Beaver, a pharmacist, NOT a doctor... without Erica here, most likely recruited to show up and do their dirty work, I doubt the coviet frauds could have advanced their vile agenda as rapidly as they have... they brought in a well trained lifer-propagandist with this grey-haired minion for the job.  Women like Frau[d] Erica Butler are money well spent for the depopulation crowd who seek to cull the herd... how much does she make$?

The ever-grovelling Butler is certainly in line as top contender for the esteemed "Tantramar Landowners Association's INGSOC Award" for 2021 .. [2020 award went to Laura Reinsborough, a useful green mum/ngo diva]

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