Oct 12, 2021

West Virginia Governor's Admission... Fully Vaxxed Are Dying. . . Why?

 West Virginia Governor Admits Fully Vaccinated Getting Sick & Dying of COVID! (bitchute.com)

"We really do need to stay on our toes in every way... " Jim Justice, Governor of West Virginia USA 

WV Gov. Justice reports increases in fully vaccinated residents getting COVID, but notes breakthroughs account for only .4% of all state cases | WBOY.com

Looks like there is a problem with how 'medicine' is being done... a massive fraud is taking place ... so who are the biggest players? Fauci et al... watch:

Fauci, Bright, and Dazek Caught Wargaming COVID Virus and mRNA Vaccine Rollout (bitchute.com)

Meanwhile, Joe Biden, Catholic, in the USA says...

"unvaxxed are dangerous".. watch at:

Tucker Carlson Tonight 10/11/2021 (bitchute.com)

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