Feb 27, 2021

Updated: Les Hicks commentary about Sackville Uncensored at Wark Times - Bruce Wark's website & Rima Azar

Accredited journalist Bruce Wark, formerly with the CBC
and a past teacher of journalism at Halifax's prestigious 
King's University College, works hard to report on local issues.

I had asked him to report on King John III Joseph Gregory Hallett's
claim for Kingship http://kingjohnthethird.uk but he has failed to do so.....

I'm sure he is a nice man as I met him briefly on the street one day 
and was able to have a pleasant chat with him about my interests in 
promoting a concrete skatepark here since 2013.. he hasn't covered that yet.
His website sees a lot of comments and traffic it would appear at this time.

[screen grab from youtube]

Report from Bruce on the $2Million pond dig 
by the technocrats/climate hysterics in the 'management' 
at this link - click here

I'd left him a comment:

Your comment is awaiting moderation. 
All that I thought of when I heard about that new expense of $400K for soil contamination was ‘well there goes more money not being spent on a great concrete skatepark build’ again .. that’s what I told Bruce Phinney when we chatted about this issue recently as well.

Please help to boost exposure to the work of Bruce Wark, indie journalist
based in Sackville NB Canada.. thanks.

Of note, however Wark has been caught editing comments
 for some reason...
strange but true.... he has connections with the NB Media Coop folks 
who publish his articles at their site as well ..
I've been wondering if Bruce Wark is an embedded agent
in our town and related to intelligence asset Wesley Wark
but Bruce won't say... his lips are sealed...


Brave New World - Aldous Huxley
 [a personal favourite of mine]

I don't watch TV, use Facebook, Twitter, etc. or pay much attention to CBC..... "Sackville Uncensored" exists entirely because of censorship in Sackville NB at the management levels both at Mount Allison University & Town of Sackville Facebook pages back in 2015 which apparently got me branded a 'low class, unimportant, trouble-maker' according to an undisclosed source.  Asking questions is my forte.... but apparently here that's a no-no.

the blog only exists because of intolerance of DIVERSITY OF OPINIONS AND IDEAS.. its shocking how badly the intelligensia view diversity of ideas and expression of opinion -- its why I would warn anyone away from attending at mta.ca at this point in time ... and being branded as trouble-maker is what happens to so many who do not embrace MASS IMMIGRATION as a great idea and think climate change is not a big concern owing to the fact that the people promoting it the most [Al Gore and David Suzuki to name a few] are not even "climate scientists" but propagandists.

As for the culture of suppressing free speech its a huge concern across all Canadian university campuses at this point.. not just Mount Allison University .. which is why I promote SAFS Society for Academic Freedom & Scholarship website http://safs.ca ...

Apparently, having an opinion other than the deemed acceptable opinion makes you a 'right winger' in the mind of Les Hicks . . . that's amusing because anyone reading this blog for any length of time knows its a blog geared to --

"anti - communitarian thinking" ...

....  which is not right wing and not left wing thinking but anti-globalist anti-Agenda 2030 anti-United Nations anti-Sustainable Development anti-Global Governance anti-groupthink.... got it?

Les Hicks was probably triggered by unfamiliar content so that's good... its good to make people think and question their opinions.  We need more minds to be stretched and narrative-questioning around this university town - perhaps turn off your steady stream of CBC-government funded propaganda for a while....it might help you cope.

Les Hicks wrote at Bruce Wark's website his impressions swiftly formed of this blog
at http://warktimes.com comments section.

If Les does leave comments at this blog as Anonymous I wouldn't be surprised....

"Les Hicks says:
Just checked out “Sackville Uncensored’s” blog. Wonderful, just what the world needs – another right-winger spouting off against people whose skin isn’t as white as theirs and also spreading the typical propaganda and misinformation about the serious problem of human-triggered climate change. What a true humanitarian you are. If immigrants of non-European origin coming to our country bother you so much, perhaps you should consider moving to Trumpland, where someone with your insights and values would be welcomed with open arms by the “fine” folks supporting The Donald."
My advice:
Stay classy Les.. you cannot imagine the number of people who actually don't share your opinions...  can ya? As they say opinions are like ----holes or belly buttons .. everyone has one.
Its a small quaint old eastcoast town with lots of great people - refrain from being abusive.

Came across an article that was posted by Demian Hammock the comments section of Bruce Wark's website that I think is worth re-posting/sharing here:


As for Rima Azar's current shitstorm online... she is catching some flack but she'll be fine.. she is tenured and reasonable.. she's "Bambi" (0; xo xo

I wish her well... Lebanon was the Paris of the middle east .. I bet she misses her home nation and culture... Canada is becoming an increasingly fractured and intolerant society.  If only those immature and intellectually lazy students attacking her from afar actually sat down for a coffee to talk to her and learn some things... that's the way of a true academic... listening to different ideas and discussing them.. not having tantrums.. and hissy fits like little children.  Go in peace..

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