Apr 6, 2021

Ashley Legere and Charity Group "ENSEMBLE"


For discussion purposes: "Order to Cease and Desist"


Is it better to promote a healthy drug-free lifestyle or just give addicts tools to harm themselves with drug use?

No doubt Ashley is working hard in her day job with the legal medical mafia cartel of big pharma vaxx drugging lots of people in this town with government 'healthcare' money... but why should I consider her words or advice worthwhile?  Why not promote instead a drug-free healthy food lifestyle in our sweet little town on the marsh?  Guardian Drugs is also pretty happy to promote new unapproved [trial] vaxx being distributed at the Guardian Drugs and promoted by the Town of Sackville -- they both ultimately have zero credibility with me and I would not be proud of providing needles to addicts for street drug use.  Love is caring enough to help people get off drugs and live a beautiful, full, and drug-free lifestyle.. no matter their economic situation in this life... Sadly, drug use is a death knell and all addictions should be discouraged, not encouraged.  Normalizing the unhealthy is a fail.  If the community continue to do this kind of destructive work in the name of 'good community building' here I would expect more addicts and more problems as the normalization of degeneracy and degrading human existence is promoted and advanced... this is so tragic.. senseless.. unevolved.. and wrong.  The ugly truth is that drug use is destroying our society... legal and illegal alike.  This woman's efforts make her no friend of humanity with her misguided efforts ultimately being destructive.  I see people speaking against this new 'harm reduction centre' at the United Church in our town on Facebook -- but they'll be clobbered by do-gooders who do not have to promote any harm at all but they will because they are liberal supremicist ideologues quoting the 'science' .... ie. 'enablers'.  The police discourage drug use in their programmes and outreach in our schools and try to educate our young people about the dangers... so what kind of message does this action send to our youth?

Ashley writes [on Facebook where I cannot respond because I have been censored/muzzled]:

Ashley Legere Thank you for sharing and for being so incredibly supportive of the some of the most isolated and vulnerable people in our community. You have shown them that there are people who love them, people who support them and people who need them. ♥️

"Ashley Legere, pharmacy assistant at Guardian Corner Drugstore in Sackville, said addiction issues affect every community, so it's better to make using as safe as possible. (Tori Weldon/CBC)"
Tori's photo and earlier story from CBClands....

The United Church location is curious - located at the old town hall in the centre of town.

Who are "Ensemble"? 

Sackville citizens, feel free to visit Ashley at the Sackville Pastoral Charge, United Church of Canada today until 4pm. She is out front by the harm reduction dispensing service (vending machine) to show people how to use it & to answer any questions you may have.

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